April, 2024

Updates From Our Vision Trip

The Transformative Power of Clean Water Access!


Our team has just returned from a vision trip to Ethiopia and Uganda!


Last year, we visited many well sites just before their wells were implemented. We captured the situation before, which was heartbreaking and difficult to witness.


This year, we returned to these same villages to see how much their lives had changed with one year of safe, clean water access.


Ametetsion demonstrating how before the well she would have to dig for water at a small stream in her village.


Ametetsion excitedly demonstrated how she now collects water from a newly repaired well in Tigray, thanks to Water to Thrive's well repair project facilitated though grant funding.


"Before the well repair, we spent all of our time desperately trying to collect water. Everyone in the family had to help, so there was no time for tending to our crops and livestock."



Additionally, the children were unable to attend school. These issues further contributed to food scarcity and loss of education within the region.

Inhari's Changed Life:


Image below:

Ihari Before the well, one year ago, was collecting water from a small stagnant pond.

Image Below:

Inhari now, one year with clean water!

The Power Of Clean Water is Undeniable!



Grateful Beneficiaries:


Inhari gratefully embraced us with many tight hugs! She is now collecting water from a hand pump well close to her home. Inhari said she has experienced an increase in her time and cash crop production! As a result, her household income has dramatically improved. She also noted that her cows are now producing more milk. She explained how her increased time and renewed health have enabled her to make and sell fresh butter, which has a high market value in this region.

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Medina is Desperate for Clean Water:


Meet Medina is a sweet four-year-old girl living in Uganda. Medina was very curious about our team and greeted each of us, her younger sister in tow. She gently touched our hands and invited her sister to do the same. Medina's mother, Miriam, told us that her daughter is often in the local clinic battling Cholera. Miriam, clearly frustrated and worried about her daughter, said that Medina suffers the most out of everyone in the village. Water to Thrive is working with The Ugandan Water Project (UWP) to implement a well for Medina's village as soon as possible. Our only hope is that it is soon enough.

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Seeing Clean Water for the First Time:


This young girl is seeing clean water for the first time in her life! We were lucky to arrive to this village just as our partners, PaCT, were completing the well! The children were joyous and cheerfully repeating, "The water is so clean, it's so clean!"

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How Clean Water Impacts Education:


On our recent visit to several schools within Ethiopia and Uganda, we learned that absenteeism due to waterborne illnesses is high in areas where the children do not have access to clean water. Of those who are lucky enough to attend school as opposed to collecting water, their focus is limited and challenging due to them battling several physical ailments related to drinking and collecting dirty water: upset stomachs, diarrhea, rashes on their legs and feet, etc.


But there is a solution...

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Peace and Prosperity for Tigray

Water to Thrive just completed their 2024 site visits with The Relief Society of Tigray (REST). We are so grateful for their hard work and diligence during our visit. With their assistance, we captured many transformative stories. We even had the opportunity to visit a rural community located deep within the mountains of Aksum, Ethiopia!

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Maternal Clinics- UPDATE

Over a year ago, we received a grant to start a water project for the struggling maternal clinics within this area. We have just returned from visiting the clinics to document the impact. We are excited that several clinics have reported decreased cases of Typhoid, Malaria, and diarrhea.

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