Congregational Meeting 11-7-21

Congregational Meeting

November 7, 2021

11 am – 11:45 am


Presiding: Robert Blankenship, Council President


Call to Order: Robert Blankenship

Verification of Quota: Richard Giltner, Council Secretary


Introduction: Robert Blankenship

Motion to approve minutes of previous Congregational Meeting – Richard Giltner, second – Mary Rosas.

Motion passed.


Pastor’s Report: Pastor Scott Baker

– Rebuilding Process: This has been a year of rebuilding, both the building and the pastor, with construction almost completed and several pastoral health issues addressed. COVID and the flooding of the building have been major issues as well as the pastor’s health. Thanks to all have helped to get things done.


– Call Process: The process has been started with the Call Committee selected and officers chosen. Marc Funderburk – Chair; John Barnes – Vice Chair; Libby Lindstrom – Secretary. The next meeting will be November 15 when there will be a telephone conference call with Dr. Wendel.

Marc: The call process is open to all and the congregation is an integral part of that process until we start interviewing pastoral candidates. Feel free to ask questions and participate as you are able.

Pastor: The committee has received materials to learn and to use to teach the congregation how to write an honest ‘profile’, a written representation of the congregation to assure a good match.


CLC Overview: Karolyn Havener

– Repairs review: There were drainage issues, pipes in ceiling burst during February freeze which flooded the church, and COVID restrictions were put in place with cleaning, masking and handwashing requirements to protect our youngest vulnerable ones.


Youth and Family Summary: Mara McGee

– The youth are starting to meet. Pumpkin Patch was very successful outreach effort and brought in over $800 profit with additional donations coming in. Living Nativity is planned for mid December. Work on the podium begins this Monday to be completed by December 18th in time for Mara’s wedding.


Communications Director Report: Julia Bessler

– Bob thanked Julia for her efforts to keep the congregation informed.

– When the Covid shutdown order was given, we had a two-hour notice to get the service online. Pastor Baker, Marc Funderburk, Steve Bessler, Mara McGee, and Art Mory worked to get the music, children’s message, and pastor’s message all online on a snow day. All went as planned.


Pastor Announcement: Pastor Baker

– Pastor Baker is planning to retire in April and begin a three-year interim pastorate in Winsboro, Pennsylvania, near where his family lives, then move on to another congregation. In the meantime he is always available.


Robert Blankenship: Introducing Beverly Byers for her report, thanked Beverly for her efforts.


Financial Report: Beverly Byers

– The annual budget has been published. It is still being impacted by COVID and construction. The congregation will continue to meet in the Fellowship Hall during the next month. Work on the porte cochere continues. Salaries, tuition and overtime will continue at current levels however the total is lower than in past years since there are not enough teachers to hold enrollment at past levels. Budget for salaries is being kept at a level to support full enrollment, once that becomes possible.

-Motion: Marc Funderburk made a motion to accept the budget as given, Dave Gustafson seconded.

Motion passed.


Full CLC Report: Karolyn Havener

– CLC is short-staffed by three teachers (for current enrollment levels). Others on staff have acted as backup, requiring overtime hours. People have asked to volunteer but due to the state licensing requirements, this is not possible. CLC was closed for one month due to COVID then the pipes burst in February. CLC is persevering, so keep them in your prayers.


Full Youth and Family Report: Mara McGee

– Outreach: Plans for Easter will begin after the first of the year. Trunk or Treat included 22 vehicles, up from 14 last year, with over 500 kids attending. The Spaghetti Dinner will not be held this year due to construction/COVID. Pumpkin Patch, in spite of delays and receiving about half the number of pumpkins as last year, raised over $800. There was no mission trip this year due to COVID and additional hurricane damage in the St. Charles, LA area, but one will be planned for 2022. This year the time was spent renovating the youth area upstairs.


– Youth: The youth room is in the process of being updated, with work continuing on the floor and bathrooms. Saturday is planned as a workday to focus on the bathrooms. Vacation Bible School was a success this year with 8 kids each day, up from 5 last year.


Art: The conference of youth ministers was attended by 800 youth ministers. The challenge mentioned most this year was how to keep in touch with the youth. Mara has been contacting the youth at least weekly. Most of the suggestions made at the convention Mara was able to say are already being done here.


Mara: For teacher appreciation (CLC and Corey Middle School) in November, food has been provided but contributions for drinks are being accepted

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