Facility Use

All Saints facility rental is available to church members and community groups who have a member sponsor.



  1. User shall be responsible for all buildings, grounds, and equipment incident to the use of the church’s facilities caused by any of User’s participants, vendors, or attendees.
  2. User shall make no temporary or permanent modifications to any church property unless approved in advance by the church council.
  3. User agrees to make use of the church facilities in accordance with all church policies, rules, and practices, and in compliance with all county, state, and federal laws, including fire codes.
  4. User is responsible for providing all necessary and appropriate safety instructions to all participants, vendors, or attendees at User’s event. 
  5. Responsible adult supervision must be with the group at all times when facilities are in use.
  6. All minor children must be supervised by an adult. 
  7. The church property and facilities must be left in a thoroughly clean condition. Performance of clean-up by the church will not reduce the User’s liability for damages, and the church may direct any clean-up costs it incurs to User for payment or reimbursement.
  8. User must remove all of its materials from the church facilities within 2 hours after the event is concluded, absent another approved arrangement with the church.  Any item or material left at the church facilities more than 10 days after an event is concluded shall be deemed abandoned and shall become property of the church to be used or disposed of as the church alone determines.



  1. Smoking, vaping and any other use of tobacco products is prohibited on the church campus.
  2. Illegal drugs are prohibited on the church campus.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the church campus.
  4. User agrees that its use will be orderly and in compliance with all applicable laws.
  5. User understands that the church reserves the right to control and manage the facility and to enforce all necessary and proper rules for the management and operation of the same.  The church, its employees, its members, and its agents shall have free access at all times to all spaces occupied by User. 



  1. Any use of audio-visual equipment in any of the church’s environments requires a member of the church’s Production Team. The A/V equipment will only be operated by a member of the production team (Fee $75 for up to 2 hours, plus $75/hr beyond the first 2 hours)
  2. The use of DVD and televisions may be used without a member of the production Team.
  3. Users are responsible for providing linens, utensils, glasses and dishes, etc.
  4. No furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) or equipment belonging to the church may be loaned or removed from the building.
  5. Users may use tables, chairs, and lecterns, as their set up requires, but Users should not move items until cleared by the church.


Please complete the online Facility Use Request Form