11/3/19 Cong Meeting Minutes


NOVEMBER 3, 2019


John Barnes called the meeting to order at 2 pm.

Opening payer by Pastor John Scheusner

Roll call/Quorum-: quorum was reached.


John Barnes asked those in attendance to look over the minutes from the 5 November 2019 and 24 June 2018 meetings.


Mary Rosas made a Motion to approve the minutes. Jim Kimble second the motion. The congregations discussed and there were some minor changes noted. All changes discussed were agreed to by all. Kristin Barnett moved to accept the minutes as changed and Marc Funderburk seconded. Vote was taken and Motion passed and minutes approved with changes to be made and recorded.


Pastor John gave his report and gave an update on the congregation in general. He stressed his desire to put our strategic plan in place in three areas in particular, communication, property, and spiritual growth. HE also gave status on his family.

Lynn Gustafson made a motion to accept the pastor’s report, and Jim Kimble seconded. John Barnes called for a vote. Motion passed.


Mara gave the youth and family report and CLC report. She spoke of the changes that have occurred since she has come on board i.e.: children’s church, VBS in the evening, live nativity moved to church property instead of park and truck or treat format changed. She also discussed how the mission trip went in Rockport and that we will be the returning to Rockport again in 2020. She stressed that multigenerational ministry is what they are focusing on.


CLC report: 90 children registered. We have a stellar reputation and had a profit of $90,000 at the end of our year. Our rates our lower than most day cares and most of our construction is done. We have a few new teachers but most have been with us for many years. Mara read the report from Karolyn Havener.

Kristin Barnet made a motion to accept the report and Dave Gustafson seconded it. The congregation discussed Mara working in the CLC making her a full-time employee at ASLC and CLC. John Barnes it was a council decision to allow her to work in the CLC since Karolyn needed additional help.

Vote called and motion has passed.




Mark Funderburk gave the treasury report. He discussed the town halls which were held in October to have all congregants bring forth budget concerns. Lynn Gustafson made a motion to accept the proposed budget and seconded by Curt Lewis. In discussion the congregation discussed Benevolence. The consensus was that a line item budget would be easier for all to understand instead of the condensed version provided at this meeting. A question was raised regarding what the council’s discretionary funds are spent on. Bev stated we usually use that fund for emergency repairs. Wayne Reber asked about the budget for the facility manager to which Marc Funderburk stated to finance team had final say if it was feasible and stated that a facility manager was ultimately not hired because it was not economically feasible.

Sherry Livingston made an amendment to the current motion to have line item budgets at all further congregational meetings.

Question called by Jim Kimble and Seconded by Lynn Gustafson. Vote on amendment was called and the amendment passed.

Jim Kimble called the question regarding the budget motion and Dennis Thomas seconded. Vote called for budget as amended and motioned. 34 yesses and 5 nos. Motion passed.


Bill Stephenson read report from property board. Had two clean up days at ASLC. We did renovation in the CLC for infant and toddler rooms. Special recognition for Wayne Reber and his help with the CLC renovation. The skylight was replaced in the atrium. Additionally, they sealed up several areas on the roof to fix the leaks. Special recognition was given to “The Gophers” for their help with small projects.

Motion made by Steve Welch to accept the property/trustee report and seconded by Robert Blankenship.

Motion voted on and passed.


Rod Parks gave written report regarding ministry boards as he was not present, Read aloud by John Barnes. Motion for accepting by Jim Kimble and Dennis Thomas seconded. Motion passed.


Pastor John reported on the NALC convocation. Biggest item was the election of Bishop Dan Selbo from Silicon Valley California.

Council nominees recognized. Libby Lindstrom for President, Robert Blankenship for President elect, Patty Scott for Treasurer, Bev Byers for Treasurer elect, Mary Rosas for Secretary, Richard Giltner for Secretary elect, Rod Parks for ministry boards representative and John Barnes for trustee boards representative.

Dennis Thomas requested we discuss of the nomination of the president elect and his eligibility to serve on the upcoming council. The congregation discussed the matter at length. It was noted that there are several contradictions or ambiguities in our constitution regarding serving on the council. It was stated we, the current council, did have this looked at by 3 different parties and a lawyer. The congregation must interpret it. John Barnes stated he wanted to set up a team to revise the constitution and remove the

ambiguities. Once it is completed, another congregational meeting will be convened specifically for the constitution. Questions regarding the nominating committee procedures was discussed as well as the question as to what “good standing” is for being nominated for a position.

Sherry Livingston made a motion to postpone the election of the officers until we correct and amend the constitution regarding the nomination process and the term limits of the candidates. Seconded by Doug Parker. Vote was called and 16 to postpone and 20 to continue with the election as slated on the ballot today therefore the motion to postpone the election has failed.

Election will continue. Richard Giltner made a motion to accept the nominees as it stands. David Gustafson seconded. The motion was voted on with 18 voting yes and 10 voting no. The Motion passed. We vote on the ballot as it stands. 18 yes / 9 nos. Ballots filled out and collected. All officers were elected by 21 for and 13 against.


Nominating committee for 2020 are Steve Tally, Kay Becker Maddox and Curt Lewis. Motion to accept the committee by Kristen Barnet and seconded by Jim Kimble. Motion passed.


NACL delegate for 2020 to be picked at a later date by council. Motion was made to allow council to pick the delegate by Bev Byers and David Gustafson seconded. Motion carried.


Sherry Livingston made a motion to have an independent financial audit be conducted. Carol Foster seconded. Discussion – Bev stated the finance board will welcome the audit. We need to know exactly what the congregation wants to audit so we can begin taking bids from outside companies. Bev felt an internal audit would be a better use of our resources. We can form an audit committee through church members and they can have access to any and all financials. Pastor John noted that in the constitution it says every three years we have an internal audit team created and we can form that committee. Marc Funderburk stated we currently do not have an internal audit committee but we will welcome anyone who want to volunteer.

Sherry Livingston withdrew her motion. Made a second motion for council to follow the constitution and create an audit committee. Bev Byers seconded the second motion. Vote was called on the and the motion passed.


Pastor John Scheusner led closing prayer and meeting ended at 4:45 pm.

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