Back to School Part 1

As the Children’s Learning Center gears up for the Fall session and we support them through our prayers, here is the minimum that is required of our teachers.


What it takes to work in a licensed childcare facility in Texas:

-High school diploma or GED

-Negative TB test results (Costs $25 – $75-is not reimbursed by CLC)

-First Aid/CPR certificate (renewed every 2 years-costs around $40-

is reimbursed by CLC)

-Arlington Childcare Workers Permit (renewed every 3 years-costs $40-

is reimbursed by CLC)

-Clear Law Positive Workplace training (upon hire and every 3 years)

-3-Covid 19 trainings (1 hour each)

-24 hours continuing education

-2 years’ experience in a LICENSED child care facility OR 19 additional

hours pre-service training.

-Orientation annually

-DTaP and MMRV immunizations if working with Infants/Toddlers

-SIDS, shaken baby training

-Background check and fingerprinting through Texas Department of

Family and Protective Services (Child Care Licensing) (Costs $50-

is reimbursed by CLC)

-I-9 (Legal to work in US), Notarized form 2985 (verifying they have not been

convicted of a crime involving children)

On top of all of that, they must be able to work with children.



As with all the ministries here at All Saints Lutheran, the gifts and skills needed are more complicated than what (when things go well) they seem. The teachers and staff of our pre-school have a week to get ready for the return of the children. The requirements of the State are nothing compared to the giving of their hearts that our teachers bring to this ministry. Pray to God that more teachers may be found that will allow us to reach more students and their families.

Pastor Baker

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