Call Process Schedule

As the restoration of the church building moves toward completion, the process of seeking the next pastor can begin. Here is an overview of the steps.


Call Process Schedule

Call Committee formed, nominated by Council and elected by Congregation

Call Committee elects own Chairperson and Secretary

Call Committee provides updates of progress to Council and Congregation

Call Committee has conference call with ABME (Assistant to the Bishop for Ministry and Ecumenism)

Call Committee prepares with education documents on Pastor/Congregation relationships

Congregational Workshop in preparation for Call Process

Call Committee develops first draft of Congregational Profile using Congregation Workshop

Council provides Call Committee with range for Pastor’s Package

(Council Presidents seeks information from ABME for help in forming package)

Call Committee provides first draft of profile to Council and then Congregation for suggestions, corrections and improvements

Call Committee writes second draft of profile and sends to ABME

ABME sends names of candidates who have expressed interest

(All candidate material is confidential and remains only with Call Committee)

Candidate profiles are received

Call Committee contacts candidates upon reception of profiles

Call Committee decides to interview (by phone) candidates that are of interest and informs candidates that do not meet congregation needs

Call Committee narrows focus to one candidate, recommends to council an on-site visit and suspends conversation with other candidates

Call Committee recommends candidate to Council If Council accepts, a Congregational meeting is called to vote on the candidate. If Council or congregation reject a candidate, Call Committee may re-contact other candidates or request additional candidates from ABME

If vote is positive and candidate accepts, a candidate is offered a call from the congregation through the ABME


This process needs to involve the entire congregation so that a good match between the needs of the congregation and the abilities of the pastor match. Though we have been scattered by Covid and the flooding, it is now time to re-unite as the people of God and be the congregation of All Saints Lutheran.

Pastor Baker will assist the Call Committee and the congregation through this process. Please consider serving on the Call Committee if asked, fully participating in the process including the Congregation Workshop and adding your prayers so that the mission of Jesus Christ may be done.


Pastor Baker

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