Congregational Meeting Minutes 9-25-22

Call to Order

The meeting was presided over by John Barnes, Council President.

Opening prayer provided by John Barnes.

The quorum was announced by the Secretary elect; 16 members needed to be present.

  • Quorum was met



Church Roof Presentation by Art Mory


Building history:

  • Sanctuary roof was replaced approximately 1.5 years ago.
  • Atrium/Classroom roof replaced 10-12 years ago


Recent issues:

  • Ongoing leaks in the following areas:
  1. Sacristy
  2. Altar
  3. Sanctuary – left rear wall (facing altar)
  4. Women’s Atrium Restroom
  5. Classroom 23 in CLC
  • August 22, 2022, historic rain fall and flooding.



  • Initial bids from Select Construction and Longhorn Roofing estimated up to $228K


Third Party Observations:

  • Butch Threadgill – Threadgill Roofing
  • Bret G Barnett, RRC, RRO – Services, Inc inspection report from September 20, 2022, provided.


 Next Steps:

  • Contact Eagle Roofing:
  1. Beverly Byers will continue to make contact to discuss repairs.
  2. If no verbal contact was made – send a certified letter to demand repairs as listed in the original contract.
  3. If no satisfactory response for warrantied repairs under original contract – begin discussion of legal action.
  • Get rebids based on RoofTech inspection report.




Answered by Art Mory, Mary Rosas and Beverly Byers

Motion made by Mary Rosas: Congregational approval to fund roofing repairs up to $250,000.00 and financing costs.

Motion seconded by Andrew Acosta

















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