Council Minutes 2/25/21

ASLC Council Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2021

7:00 PM


Roll Call: Pastor Baker, Beverly Byers, David Gorman, Karolyn Havener, Robert

Blankenship, D.J. Schoneweis, Stacey Welch, Mary Rosas

Absent: Kenny Lee

Guest: John Barnes, Mara McGee, Karolyn Havener

Opening Prayer: Beverly Byers

Devotional: The Peacemaker – Chapter 2

Bob & D.J. shared their comments. Pastor Baker reminded us that we can’t

witness the Gospel to others if we are conflicted within the church


Minutes: Minutes for the January council meeting were tabled for further discussion at

the February meeting.




Youth & Family Ministry – Mara McGee

– Spaghetti dinner moved to April 11 as well as the silent auction. Mara will move spaghetti dinner supplies on the counter in the kitchen if/when needed.

– Mara will make bags for the children that would normally be part of the Children’s Church on Sunday and meet with them personally one on one over the next few weeks. She is also attempting to meet with all her students one on one.

– Confirmation has been moved to a Zoom format.


CLC Report – Karolyn Havener

– Four storage containers are on the property as well as porta-potties and sink.

– Johnson Controls has been contacted re wires in Classooms 22 & 23 that need to be reinstalled.

– Most of the flooring has been removed in the affected areas except for those areas being used for temporary storage. The altar area is still being evaluated for damage. Broken pipes have been removed. Additional pipes are being evaluated for damage. The bottom 2 feet of drywall have been removed in affected areas.

– Guide One insurance adjuster for the project is Mike Ellison. Paul Patterson will be assisting us through a second agency through a power of attorney. His job is to get us the best possible settlement.

– Karolyn discussed the possibility of moving the CLC to a temporary location. After considering the COVID restrictions, inspections, licensing, liability insurance, etc., it would take too much time/effort. Council supports her decision not to pursue this option.

– Estimated tuition lost for February is around $10K. The amount for March will be approximately $43,700. One week of teacher pay is around $6,900.

– Mary inquired if any part of lost tuition and teacher pay could be claimed as part of the loss. To be discussed with Paul Patterson.

Treasurer Report – Beverly Byers

– Pastor John will be paid through February

– We have approximately $900K in cash. Some money has been moved from investments to Affiliated to be ready for expenses related to the pipe burst event. Budget amendment may be needed because of the broken pipe event.

– We have $60K in Restricted account that can be used for related expenses.

– PPP loan proceeds of $120K have been received.


Member Care/Outreach – D.J.

– Garden workday is schedule for Saturday, February27th.

– Cowtown Brush Up – Second Saturday in April

– Oaks Indian Mission – bedding gifts still being received

– Water to Thrive – approximately $1,000 in donations. It was suggested that the well be posted online to provide expanded exposure.


Online Motions – None since the January meeting


COVID 19 – Still in the same holding pattern.


Constitution – Tabled


Branding/Signs – Tabled


Board Policies and Procedures – Tabled


Storage Shed Update – Tabled


Teacher Pay

– Discussion re need to pay teachers to keep them on board through the restoration. Bob moved to continue teacher pay the payroll period ending March 31. Mary seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Support for Staff Working from Home

– All staff is working from home. We need to make their jobs as easy as possible. Tarrant Tech is on call to assist with technology issues. Mara requested that she not be asked to additional things because there might be the perception that she has free time.


Approve Auto Pays

– Motion was made by Mary, seconded by DJ to approve the auto pay list as presented by Beverly.



– Providing communion during the Sunday service has become more complicated since we cannot meet in the building. A Saturday evening outdoor service is being considered until the building is open again.


Communication of Church Events

– We need a way to communicate important church events; Stacey was not aware of the passing of Jim Kimble or Jerry Terhune.

– Need to send a letter to communicate about the pipe disaster. Continue Council Chats for to discuss questions about it. Possible temple talk each week to communicate progress. Post pictures online of continuing progress.


Closing Prayer – Pastor Baker



Respectfully submitted,


Richard Giltner,

Council Secretary

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