Council Minutes 3/17/22

Minutes for All Saints Church Council
Call to Order

A monthly meeting of the All Saints Church Council was held on March 17, 2022 at All Saints
Lutheran Church. The meeting was presided over by John Barnes, Council President. A quorum was declared by John Barnes.

Voting members in attendance included: John Barnes, Art Mory, DJ Schoneweis, Kenny Lee,
Mary Rosas, Pastor Scott Baker
Staff in attendance included Mara Welch
Guest in attendance included Beverly Byers
Members not in attendance: Stacey Welch

Approval of minutes:
There were no minutes to approve. February and March minutes will be approved in April.
Staff Reports
Youth and Family Ministries report was presented by Mara Welch
– Eggstraveganza plans in progress
– 1st Communion classes start Sunday
– Confirmation Classes have started
o Parents are required to attend
– Confirmation Sunday June 5th – need an ordained Supply Pastor
– Boy Scouts will be helping out with Spring Cleaning Day
Children’s Learning Center Report was presented by Beverly Byers
– Report attached
– Summer Session enrollment has started
Pastor’s report was given by Pastor Baker
– Bishop will be in attendance at our Anniversary Celebration
– Holy Week services are planned
o Palm Sunday – Mara and Art plan
o Maundy Thursday –
§ Joint service with Hispanic Congregation
§ First Communion will take place
– Will be attending Confirmation Class last Sunday in March
– Last Sunday is April 24th, last day as All Saints Pastor is April 30th.
– Financial Reports were presented by Beverly Byers
– Funds will be made available to Rocky to start porte cochere work
Trustee Reports
Board of Ministries Report was presented by DJ Schoneweis
Property Report was presented by Mary Rosas
Minutes for All Saints Church Council

Old Business
Motion made by Pastor Baker and seconded by Art Mory to discontinue security monitoring
service with Johnson Controls and explore other options. The motion passed with 6 yea’s in
favor and 0 nay’s against.
– We will not set building alarm until construction is complete

– Boy Scouts will be helping out with Spring Cleaning Day
– Dean’s Newsletter for March with be emailed out to Congregation
– Letter from Lutheran Ministries to be forwarded to Bev.
– Still looking for Secretary-Elect and Treasurer-Elect. Announcement to be placed in
– John Barnes is building the list of Supply Pastors
o Art Mory to preside and do the message 2nd Sundays of the month.
o John will contact Pastor Braaten to see what Supply Pastor pay is.

Art Mory moved that the meeting be adjourned at 7:52pm. Pastor Baker closed the meeting
with a prayer.

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