Council Minutes 6/22/23

Call to Order


A monthly meeting of the All Saints Church Council was held on June 22, 2023 at All Saints Lutheran Church. 

The meeting was presided over by Art Mory, Council President.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

A quorum was declared by Art Mory.

Opening prayer provided by Pastor Abera Hellemo.




Voting Council Members in attendance included: Art Mory, Donald Scheeler, Lois Ballard-Stephenson and Ginya Anderson.


Absent Council Members:  DJ Schoneweis


Staff in attendance included: Julia Bessler, Karolyn Havener, Mara Welch


Guest in attendance included: Beverly Byers, Mary Rosas.


Approval of Minutes

The monthly minutes for May 2023 were submitted for approval.

Spelling corrections to be made and updated


A motion made by Donald Scheeler, seconded by Pastor Abera to approve the monthly minutes for May 2023 with corrections. 

The motion carried with 5 yeas in favor and 0 nay’s against. 



Staff Reports  


Youth and Family Ministries Report provided Mara McGee Welch.

  • Paul and Nathan Quinones Outdoor structure:
    • DJ needs to have input on structure location
    • Discussion tables at this time.


Children’s Learning Center (CLC) Report was provided by Karolyn Havener.

  • New Hire: 3 yr old teacher.
  • Family in needs, requesting fundraising for the Green Family:
    • Member Emergency funds will be matched up to $500 of fundraising.
    • $500 Karolyn may go ahead and access the $500 funds now to provide some immediate support to our CLC family in need.
    • Julia will set up an account and a donation link
    • To be announced at next Sunday service.


A motion made by Lois Stephenson, seconded by Donald Scheeler to approve the use of $500 Member Emergency Funds by Karolyn Havener for the Green Family in addition to collection donations. 

The motion carried with 5 yeas in favor and 0 nay’s against. 



Communications Report presented by Julia Bessler.

  • Unique Solutions offers:
    • No cost Photographer for photo directory
    • Directory app.
  • Website Spoofing occurred on ASLC square account.
    • 30 people affected, only 1 person has called so far.
    • Per Square: for refunds – each individual affect will need to contact Square for a refund or dispute the charge through their CC Company.
    • Occurred in one day; No new charges as of this meeting
  • Outreach to Ethiopian community in Arlington:
    • UTA?
  • Door Knockers?
    • Cost estimate to be presented for council
    • Mark Funderburk has offered to donate the cost for his service
    • Should we return to using this for seasonal events?

Financial Report was presented by Beverly Byers.

  • Liability Insurance needs to be renewed; no price increased ($10K/yr)
  • Request made by Pastor Abera for his pastor expenses to be amended to reflect ACTUAL expenses for tax purposes.
  • Working with CLC to make sure their technology is updated.
  • Lois presented sample Technology Plan to assure regular updates moving forward.



Trustee Reports


Property report was presented by Donald Scheeler.

  • Mary reports the water heater final bid is $4,300.
    • Finance team states cash is available for this purchase.
  • Mary continues to work diligently toward emptying the Cool Box prior to its removal.
    • City will not allow ASLC to keep the Cool Box on the premises.
    • Julia will send out an e-mail blast to request help.
    • Mara will reach out to the Scout troops for help.
  • Ice Machine, previously known to be leaking.
    • Should we repair, cost?
    • Replace with a smaller, under-cabinet model (presented by Mary: $455)
  • Cross wall scheduled to be installed July 7th
    • The Mory family will pay for the cost of the lift.
  • Tree Line clean-up
    • Mark Funderburk has expressed his willingness to pay to have the area cleared or pay for tree chipper rental.
    • Art requests that the property team approach and speak to Mark to finalize details.


Board of Ministry Report was presented by Lois Stephenson.

  • Need for a Benevolence Review Team.


Pastor Report was presented by Pastor Abera Hellemo.

  • Transfer of membership protocol.
  • Continue to prioritize non-active members:
    • Lucy and Don are ready to return (Mary and John have their contact info?)
  • Housing Allowance for tax purposes – Finance team.
  • Member well visits:
    • Leonard Gunpat – stroke, nonverbal, confused.
    • Glen Foster – home after surgery.


Motion made by Donald Scheeler, seconded by Ginya Anderson, to accept staff and trustee reports. The motion carried with 5 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.



OLD Business


Roof Repair/HVAC Ductwork –

  • Good; Keep monitoring


Please keep paint out of the refrigerator; still happening.


Pastor Abera’s Onboarding:

  • Continue wearing name tags
  • Pastoral Care Committee
  • NALC formal installation July 9th; pot luck.


Event Packet (prev. Wedding Packet)

  • Fee Schedule – remove all together.
    • Create new fees to be assessed
  • Have Pastor Abera review the packet and give input
    • Currently on the members can request sanctified events.
    • Only ASLC pastor may provide pre-marital counseling.
  • Post Event Checklist (Julia)– to be part of the Event Packet
    • Remove line stating that parties are allowed to use their own custodial crew.
    • Post Event Checklist of duties: Sweep/vacuum and mop the areas used, wipe down and sanitize surfaces, empty and take trash to dumpster.
    • Karolyn will being seeking new bids for a cleaning crew as the current one is not cleaning the property to the minimum agreed upon standard.
  • Opening ASLC for weddings to non-members?
    • Pastoral Pre-marital counseling required. (Suggested donation?)



  • Beverly Byers is working with CLC and media teams to make sure their technology is updated.
  • Lois presented a sample Technology Plan to assure regular updates moving forward.


NEW Business

Technology Update:

  • Lois presented a sample Technology Plan to assure regular updates moving forward.

 2024 Benevolence Budget:

  • Need for a Benevolence Review Team.


Container status: See property report discussion


Compassion Experience:

  • Julia will help organize days and times for their informative installation.
  • Open and secure church for public viewing of the installation.


Organizational chart:

  • Work in progress

Convocation Lay Delegate:

  • To be approved by council; Currently: Beverly Byers
  • Linda Brower is our contact for questions regarding the Convocation in August.


Deep Freeze Clean out

  • Casseroles currently in deep freeze can be donated to the Green and Gunpat families.


Nominating committee for 2024 ASLC Council:

  • Mary Rosas
  • John Barnes
  • Kenny Lee




A motion was made by Donald Scheeler, seconded by Pastor Abera Hellemo, to adjourn.  The motion carried with 5 yeas in favor and 0 nay’s against. 

9:31 pm Pastor Abera Hellemo closed in prayer.


Next Meeting 07/20/2023

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All Saints Lutheran Church Council

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