Council Minutes 8/17/23

Call to Order


A monthly meeting of the All Saints Church Council was held on August 17, 2023, at All Saints Lutheran Church.

The meeting was presided over by Art Mory, Council President.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

Opening prayer provided by Art Mory.

A quorum was declared by Art Mory.

Devotion presented by Art Mory.



Voting Council Members in attendance included: Pastor Abra Hellemo, Art Mory, Donald Scheeler, Lois Ballard-Stephenson, DJ Schoneweis and Ginya Anderson.

Absent Council Members: none


Staff in attendance included: Julia Bessler, Karolyn Havener, Mara Welch


Guest in attendance included: Beverly Byers


Approval of Minutes

The monthly minutes for July 2023 were submitted for approval.


A motion made by DJ Schoneweis, seconded by Donald Scheeler to approve the monthly minutes for July 2023.

The motion carried with 6 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.



Staff Reports


Youth and Family Ministries Report provided by Mara McGee Welch.


Children’s Learning Center (CLC) Report was provided by Karolyn Havener.

● Removing some of the ASLC duties that Karolyn has taken since she is present during the week.

○ Having another person available for ASLC required inspections

● Cleaning Crew

○ First Choice Alpine

○ Second Choice Sunlight

○ Dallas is NOT recommended (similar to current cleaning service)

○ Currently paying $1,900 monthly, monthly rate would increase with a new cleaning service, but so likely will the quality of work.

○ Current contract ends Oct 19, 2023, requires 30 days’ notice to terminate (DEADLINE 9/19/23).

○ Alpine is ready to start.

○ Art recommends going forward with Alpine, but a final decision will be discussed due to current financial concerns.


Communications Report presented by Julia Bessler.

● Jo Rabbers is in need:

○ House mate Linda Bartz had a stroke, cancer returned, and Linda is currently on hospice (24 hr)

○ Requests help with her direct cremation cost: $895

○ Ask congregation for donations:

○ Julia has been asked to:

■ set up a donation account

■ send out an e-mail blast

■ add to weekly Sunday Service bulletin

■ Add to announcement roster for Sunday Service

● Grand Master-Key: Front Door, CLC Office, Pastor Abera and Mara’s office

○ This has all occurred because a church member is actively accessing and removing staff personal items and church property.

○ Staff present in attendance were notified that moving forward if this issue occurs again then a written complaint to the Property Team.

○ Donald will advise Mary Rosas that all GoFers must submit notice to whoever’s office (Pastor, Mara, Jacquie, Karolyn) needs to be entered and Donald before the office is accessed.

○ Staff recommendations

■ Single Grand Master-Key is also located on the grounds

● This key must remain on premises

■ John Barnes needs to return his GM Key

■ Employee Handbook

■ Fence lockbox with a key to unlock the playground, but NOT the building.

■ Julia is and should remain the “keeper of the keys.”


Motion made by DJ Schoneweis, seconded by Donal Scheeler to accept staff recommendation to accept staff key recommendations.

The motion carried with 6 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.


Motion made by DJ Schoneweis, seconded by Donald to add Julia Bessler to the current list of persons (Beverly Byers and Karolyn Havener) who may request copies of the keys to be made

The motion carried with 6 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.

Karolyn Havener will contact the locksmith to add Julia Bessler to the list.


Financial Report was presented by Beverly Byers.

● Townhall Budget & Benevolence Meeting

o Date: Sunday October 15, 2023.




Trustee Reports


Property report was presented by Donald Scheeler.

● Fence lockbox with a key to unlock the playground, but NOT the building

● Needs to be a clear line between Kitchen vs Janitorial

○ Paint brushes, nor other tools, should be cleaned nor stored in the kitchen

○ Moving forward written notice of the offender should be sent to the Property Team

○ Property Team to speak with a person

○ If the issue is not resolved, the council will take over

● Crosses

○ Ready to send to homes?

○ Currently being stored in the shed.

○ Due to fire codes, staff needs to be consulted before they are placed in hallways or offices


Board of Ministry Report was presented by Lois Stephenson.

● Pastor Thaine requested more information regarding the Arctic Shoes Project to author an article for the NALC Newsletter.

● Linda Brower was pleased with the centerpieces

o Beverly Byers will share the letter with Julia Bessler to publish.


Pastor Report was presented by Pastor Abera Hellemo.

● On Sunday (8/13/23) Pastor Abera spoke with and counseled a distraught gentleman

● Comment, please do not set the Holy Eucharist during the special music

● Begin passing the tithing plate during service in September (suitable time to set the Eucharist)

o Ginya and John Anderson will donate a tithing box to be placed at the back of the church.

● Will have a Thanksgiving Eve service.


Motion made by Lois Ballard Stephenson, seconded by Pastor Abera Hellemo, to accept staff and trustee reports. The motion carried with 6 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.



OLD Business


Convocation Staff Reports:

● Mara will present her report in September

● July 30, to August 5, 2023,

Motion made by Ginya Anderson, seconded by Lois Ballard Stephenson, to approve Julia Bessler to represent All Saints Lutheran Church as the Lay Delegate for the 2023 NALC Convocation.

Motion approved via an e-mail vote: 6 votes in favor, no votes against.


Key Control (See details under Communications Report)

● Lock Box

● Great Grand Master


Compassion Experience November 17-19, 2023

● Julia will schedule a meeting regarding set-up

● Needs volunteers

● Set-up at 9am; ready to start after CLC Thanksgiving Feast (finished by 2 pm)



NEW Business


2024 Budget

● Townhall Budget & Benevolence Meeting

○ Date: Sunday October 15, 2023.

● In Fellowship Hall


2024 Council Nominees – list not yet received by Mary Rosas


Wedding Request – Santisima Member

● Nonmember – should pay for facility use

○ Santisima Trinidad has been immensely helpful and should be treated as members

○ Unknown if ceremony only or ceremony and reception (no alcohol allowed to be served)

○ Julia will reach out to get more information

○ 8/20-24/23 Council approved, via e-mail, facility use of the Sanctuary on October 28th from 12-3 by Marvin Otero which, per Juila Bessler and Mara Welch, should not interfere with ToT scheduled for the same day.

● Discussion about opening building use to non-members



Congregational Meeting Scheduled for Nov 5th, 2023:


10/08/23 Nominations for 2024 Church Council need to be published 4 weeks prior to meeting

10/22/23 Annual Reports due to President (Art Mory) 14 days in advance.

Notice of meeting on Nov 5th, 2023, to be added to bulletin for announcement

● Notice of meeting must have at least a summarized agenda.

10/25/23 e-mail notice to congregation

10/29/23 Notice of meeting on Nov 5th to remain on bulletin for announcement



Motion made by Lois Ballard-Stephenson, seconded by Pastor Abera Hellemo, to enter executive session.

The motion carried with 6 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.


8:44 Pastor Abera Hellemo closed in prayer.


Staff and all guests dismissed; executive session entered.


10:57 Executive Session ended.


A motion was made by Lois Ballard-Stephenson, seconded by DJ Schoneweis, that due to financial circumstances all spending is suspended unless explicitly approved by Treasurer (DJ Schoneweis).

The motion carried with 6 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.





A motion was made by DJ Schoneweis, seconded by Lois Ballard Stephenson, to adjourn.

The motion carried with 5 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.


11:05 pm Pastor Abera Hellemo, again. closed in prayer.


Next Meeting PRN: August 31st, 2023, September 21, 2023.

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