Council Minutes 8/19/21


August 19, 2021

7:15pm – 9:45pm


Attendees: Robert Blankenship, Beverly Byers, Richard Giltner,

Pastor Baker, D J Schoneweis

Absentees: David Gorman, Kenny Lee, Stacey Welch, Mary Rosas

Guests: Mara McGee, Karolyn Havener



Opening Prayer: Richard


Devotional: Chapter 7 – Karolyn

Discussion points – Peacemaking is not about us, it is about serving people. We initiate discussion when we perceive that there is an issue, not just waiting for a conflict to arise. Talked about Corinthians 10.


. Next month Chapter 8 – Richard




Approval of Minutes: Not done. No quorum so no votes taken or motions made.




Mara: Youth and Family Ministries

. Last month was very busy and this month was calmer so projects have been worked on. Office has been painted.

. Confirmation for September class (to be scheduled) will be June 5, 2022.

. Work days for youth area upstairs have not been scheduled yet. Work is about half done.

. Pumpkin Patch day, 8 am. October 16 was discussed. Whether that will also be a work day is still undecided. We will receive about half the number of pumpkins we received last year. Mara will check with Marc about possible dates for the work day.

. The “big thing” now is whether to have a children’s message or children’s church. Children’s church is more effective in reaching the children, but the message reaches people at home. It is assumed that few children will be watching church from home, so for now there will be children’s church only with the children returning at the end of the regular sermon time.

.On the 5th Sunday, there will be a children’s message instead of children’s church so that the children experience regular church with the adults. Pastor and Mara are discussing additional options like having the children sing and have it occur on the 4th Sunday instead of the 5th one.


Karolyn: CLC

CLC report attached to minutes


Pastor Baker: Pastor’s Report

. Convocation – Four assistants have been assigned to the Bishop to facilitate the growth of the districts. For centralization, the NALC headquarters are to move to the DFW area using rental space rather than being in the facility of some congregation. This will also allow room to grow. This will happen after the new year and the Bishop may well become an ASLC parishioner as the other district churches are located outside the immediate DFW area.

. A new members packet is needed. This needs to be developed primarily by the new pastor working with this congregation.

. Pastor’s health is better and the pension group approved that he may retire at 65. Pastor Baker was told at convocation that NALC needs a mission developer. He was told about it on Tuesday at convocation and offered a congregation on Friday – a group that is ready for him to begin with him whenever he finishes his work here with us. That position will allow him to be in Pennsylvania near his family.

. Competition for available pastors is fierce. We need someone to match our ministry needs.

. Pastor plans to start an adult Sunday School at 9am on Sundays for one-on-one discussions when a room becomes available. (A room became available 9/11/2021).

. An amendment to the NALC constitution will be voted on at the congregational meeting. It will change the wording to “Mission Regions” for uniformity in the document.

. Pastor has a membership list available. It is included in the October information email.

. If a question arises about the ‘active’ or ‘inactive’ status of a member, please talk with the pastor.

. The Pastor’s office has been painted and the ceiling repaired.


Beverly: Financial Report

. Net budget is balanced even though CLC is at half capacity due to matching donations and insurance income. Offering income has been steady and checks are cleared when they are available. Costs have been kept low due to non-construction repairs being done by the Gophers and volunteers.

. Cash balance is healthy at about $800,000 since we get $100,000 from insurance. We used $150,000 over the last 15 months.

. Budget time is starting so let Beverly know of any anticipated expenses that need to be added.

. Porte-cochere: The first adjusters have come and the engineers are putting together a report. Kyocera’s insurance has been contacted.

. Altar hardwood will be replaced after insurance signs off on it. The tile has been ordered for the kitchen. Beverly will do a walk-through with Rocky.

. Much of the church is now functional. Thanks to everyone for your help.


DJ: Ministry Boards

. Gift cards are still be collected for hurricane relief efforts.

. Marc has sprayed the garden for fall.

. Cowtown Brush-up is set for October 2nd.

. Meals project was discussed for children who are fed at school but do not have meals on the weekends. Options like backpacks to take food home or supplying teachers with snacks for those who seem to be flagging in energy due to missed meals. This is going back to the mission group for further discussion to explore these and other options.

.Pastor reported that there are $8,000 in gift cards from the convocation week that were given to the hurricane disaster relief effort.


Mary: Property Report

. Mary is unavailable for this meeting. See current property report.


Other Old Business:

Call Committee Workbooks

. Julia is working on these.

Congregational Meeting:

. The meeting will be held September 19th after church.


. tabled

Baptismal Font:

. Looking for ideas from council and from the congregation. A small town-meeting was suggested.

. To discuss this or any other particular issues, please call the Pastor and set a date for one-on-one.

Video for Web Page:

. Julia would like council members who have information about church history to volunteer to do an extemporaneous video to talk about the history, and would also like volunteers from the congregation.

Safety Training:

.Julia has completed compiling the safety policy document and received approval.


Closing prayer: DJ read the prayer she wrote in response to chapter 7 of our devotional.


Meeting adjourned.


*All issues requiring votes will be submitted to council via email for remote responses.

– Council approval of the list of Call Committee members to be submitted to the congregation for approval

– Council approval of establishing sponsorship relationship to Boy Scout troop 127

– Special Congregational Meeting date for September 19 for constitutional revision approval and approval of the slate of members of the Call Committee.

(NOTE: All issues were approved by online votes).


Respectfully submitted:


Council Secretary



August 19, 2021

CLC Report for Regular Council Meeting



-To cover the number of students I currently have enrolled, I need 1 afternoon teacher in the 2-year-old class, Monday through Friday 2-6p. I have someone in process, her background check is clear, we are waiting to get all of her hours and trainings done so she can legally be with children.



-We decided to have only 1-PK, 1–3-year-old, 2-2-year-old, 1 Toddler and 2-Infant classes based on current

enrollment numbers. We will open additional classes if our waiting list becomes full enough to open them AND if

we can find people to staff the room. We now have 58 enrolled. A normal pre-Covid number is around 95.

-Protocols: Starting this past Monday, masks are required for everyone in the 2-year-old class and above in order to enter CLC regardless of vaccination status. Everyone will continue to wash their hands before going to the

classrooms and all children will be temperature checked upon entry. We will continue the extra cleaning processes, and the frequent rotating of toys.



-A few things are still on my punch list for Rocky’s crew. (Stall doors, flooring repair, and woodwork in the

Gathering Area Girl’s restroom)

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