In Between

Earlier this month was the beginning of Lent, so there were articles about Lent. Next month, we celebrate Easter, so I will probably talk then about Easter, but this week is in between, so I thought I would do another stewardship article. For many, that will mean talking about finances and this time of year that means seeing that we are spending more than is coming in. (The beginning of the year is always this way with lower attendance due to the weather and being in between Christmas and Easter.) This will make the Treasurer happy. I could talk about volunteering, finding new ways that show we are serving God and neighbor. Instead, I’ll share the following story I found on the internet which is part Lent and part Easter.

When I was a small boy, the local five and ten-cent store would sell live chicks for Easter. Sometimes they were even dyed like Easter eggs, but always they were small and furry and cute.
People would buy them because of their cuteness and give them to their children as presents and for at least a day, people would “ooh” and “aah” over these cute balls of squeaking fur.
There would be promises from the little ones that they would take care of their new pet, but few chicks would survive the first week of Easter.
Those that did survive, would soon find that when they lost their fluffy cuteness, that small children lost their interest in a creature that would peck and refuse to be petted.
Parents soon thought about the mess of keeping such a bird and those who did keep them long enough to reach adulthood, probably thought more about them as future Sunday dinner than the family pet.
It soon became apparent that keeping those Easter chicks alive meant hard work with little “oohs” and “aahs” and more “ouch” and “stupid bird” being heard.
Our service to God often looks exciting and fun when we start, but true stewardship involves a lot of long, hard work. God’s call to us is not an easy one (Lent), but it is one that leads us and those we serve to Christ’s love (Easter.) In this in between time, let us stay faithful.

Pastor Baker

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