As a child the Labor Day Weekend was the end of Summer and the beginning of the real year. School started, vacations and picnics came to an end and the activities at church from Sunday School to choir practice re-started. Friday nights meant High School football. (Yes, I went to every game since I was in the band.) The lazy carefree days of Summer were finished and it was time to get back to work.

     At All Saints, we have been in a Summer holding pattern as we have restored our church building after the winter storm and indoor flood of 2021. Though the work is not yet complete (I once more have been removed from my office so that a mold problem with the built-in bookcases can be solved), it is time for the church to be the church and move forward with the Lord’s mission.

     On Sunday September 19th, we will have a congregation meeting to vote on a new constitution that updates it to better match the NALC recommended one. (Constitution is available at ASLC Draft of constitution ) One major change to the chapter on church discipline which provides safeguards for our members and a proper process when there is a need (for the sake of the gospel mission) for this. Other updates bring us into compliance with our denomination. We will also be voting on the Call Committee to officially start the process of seeking the next ordained pastor for All Saints Lutheran. The committee (with the aid of the interim pastor) will lead the congregation through the process that will discover the minister to meet the particular needs of this congregation in this place and at this time. The committee’s responsibility is to help the congregation with this discovery process, not dictate what they or any individual(s) think they want in a pastor. The congregation will be responsible to fully participate in the process through prayer (for the committee, for the next pastor and for the ministry of the Gospel entrusted to All Saints), the congregation call workshop and review of the call committee’s progress.

     Also, it will be a time of labor as a future mission and ministry is birthed for All Saints Lutheran. Times have changed since the start of Covid and the church will have to change and find new ways to share the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. As we move forward, rediscovering some of our former ways of serving our Lord and growing in the faith, we must be open to the calling of the Holy Spirit as we move forward in faith. Let us return to worshipping and serving our Lord together, learning from His Holy word, and finding new ways to share Jesus with those who need Him the most. Let us leave behind any burdens or baggage that separate us from Christ’s love or each other and move forward into the future of the Kingdom of God with grace and truth.

     Summer is over. Let us return to the labors that are proper for the disciples and followers of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Baker

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