Only One Generation Away

According to a legend, when Jesus returned to heaven following his death on the cross and resurrection from the tomb, the angels gathered in amazement. They gazed at the wounds in his hands and feet and shuddered to recall his suffering. Finally, Gabriel spoke: “Master, you suffered terribly down there. Do they know and appreciate the extent of your sacrifice.”

“No,” said Jesus. “Not yet. Right now only a handful of people in Palestine know.”

“Then what have you done to let everyone else know?” asked Gabriel.

“I’ve asked Peter, James, and John, and a few others to spread the news. They will tell others who will tell others until the message spreads to the ends of the earth.

But Gabriel, knowing the nature of human beings, asked,

“What is Plan B?”

“I have no Plan B,” replied Christ.

“There is no alternative strategy. I’m counting on them.”


The Gospel message has always been only one generation from being lost. It is the responsibility in each age for Christians to share the good news of Jesus and his gifts of grace and salvation. If we don’t do it, it will not be done. In our time, we face a grave challenge to continue the faith in a culture and world that is quickly forgetting Jesus and his sacrifice.


Calling a new pastor is not about how that person will serve our needs, but how they will assist us to faithfully serve Jesus and his mission. It is not about the survival of a congregation, but the saving of souls. Full participation of all the faithful is the responsibility so that the faithful chain of witness is not lost in our generation. The Call Workshop is one way we commit ourselves to our Lord’s mission and work.


The old ways of our churches was to pay a pastor to do this work or let a few people in the congregation carry this responsibility. This did not work and it is what got us in today’s failure of the faithful’s ministry. You are invited to be part of the new way (or Christ’s original way) of sharing the gospel word so that those who do not know Christ in their hearts may hear of his love. Be part of the plan in calling the next pastor for All Saints Lutheran. Remember Jesus does not have a Plan B, but only you.


Pastor Baker

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