The Season of Belief

It’s about faith.  It is about something that can not be measured or weighed or counted.  It is about something that is not a scientific fact nor an observable point of law.  It is about Truth, not fact.  The Christmas season is about belief that there is something more than the ordinary, the accepted, the way it is done by all.  Some would have us believe that it is only a story, a nice thought, a sentimental moment, that has no effect on us today, but it is a belief that is powerful when lived.  It is a belief that there is more to life than survival or greed or looking out for only oneself and one’s own.  It is a belief that caring for others is possible, that joy in life is reachable and that peace is more than just a passing dream.  It is a season of belief that reminds us that the best is possible and the worst may be overcome.

The seed of this belief starts with a gift.  There is no wrapping paper or ribbons.  It is not a gift run by batteries or the latest technology.  It is the gift given one night long ago.  A gift of a small child, a baby, born to a young Jewish couple.  A gift of life.  A gift of love, that is like a seed that grows  to embrace the whole world.  A gift of belief, that God, our God, gave his love to us that first Christmas.  A love that would stop at nothing, not even death, to give us the love and joy and peace that comes only from a God who truly cares for us.  The season is about a belief that the gift is still for us today.  A gift to hold and a gift to share.

But there are other beliefs competing for this season.  There is the belief that no love is strong enough to give light to the darkness of our world with its suffering.  That is the belief of despair.  There is the belief that only enough of the material world, possessions or cold cash, is strong enough to keep away the chill of the worries of the world.  That is the belief of greed.  There is the belief that those who are different or ways that are new will threaten the very life we cling to.  That is the belief of fear and judgement.  We are offered many beliefs to choose from during this season.

So the question is : What do you believe?  Your belief will determine how you live, how you act, and the beliefs of those around you.  Will it be a season of old arguments, old fears, old needs or will it be a season of the old faith.  That Christmas is not about the lights or the sales or the expensive presents, but about the gifts of the Christ child, gifts of love, joy, peace, gifts given to be shared.  Which belief will you choose to live this season.

What do you really believe !?!                         

Pastor Baker

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