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At the beginning of each week, I have developed the habit of making a list of the various activities that I want to accomplish that week. Some weeks I get them all done and some weeks, I find that other needs arise and my listed items must wait for next week’s list. One fact I have discovered is that if I don’t plan to do a certain task, it usually doesn’t get done. There is always enough to do that if I don’t keep to my list, certain less demanding, but just as important tasks are forgotten.

The same thing can happen to any Christian. There are so many demands upon us that we may put aside those needed activities that don’t seem so demanding. If we miss a Sunday at church, God won’t show up and threaten to fire us as if we missed a day on the job. If we don’t take time for the family of God, they won’t keep nagging at you like some might when they want you to do something for them. If you don’t get to your daily devotions, your faith won’t immediately be lost, will it?

In the short run, it seems that with all the demands on life, that those that come from God can always be added to next week’s list. But we find that the more we put off God’s requests today, the more we will be lost tomorrow. If we don’t share the values given to us by God with our children, we have only ourselves to blame when they don’t share those values with their children. If we don’t take time to share in Christ’s ministry to others, chances are that it will not be there to be shared with us when we need it. If we don’t take time to be nourished and strengthened by God, His strength will not be there when we need it the most.

As we start a new church year, please take time to list what is really important in your life and the life of your family. I firmly believe that God should be at the top of your list. I also firmly believe that you are on God’s list of people He wants to be with this week.

Pastor Baker



1. It keeps your heart in constant tune with God.

2. It keeps your mind on the great necessity for having God’s Word spread through all nations.

3. It improves your character by learning the great examples that Christ gave us.

4. It improves your disposition by learning to be meek and humble like Christ.

5. It helps in your everyday life by learning to love one another, even as Christ loved you.

6. It teaches you to give and know the wonderful joy of receiving.

7. It teaches you to pray, for prayer is the answer to many of your problems.

8. It gives you soul great joy and comfort to worship and know that God is near.

9. It shows the world that you are working for Christ and His Kingdom.

10. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”



Dear Pastor,

You often stress attendance at worship, Sunday School, and Bible study as being very important for a Christian, but I think a person ought to be excused for the following reasons and the number of times indicated:

CHRISTMAS – (the Sundays before and after-2) – JULY 4TH (nobody ever stays home-1) – LABOR DAY (got to get out of town-1) – MEMORIAL DAY (got to visit my home-1) SCHOOL CLOSING (the children really need a break-1) – SCHOOL OPENS (one last trip-1) – FAMILY REUNIONS (two per family-2) – SLEEP LATER (due to long Saturday nights-4) – VACATIONS AND LONG WEEKENDS (4) – BAD WEATHER (rain, wind, fog, clouds, hot weather-6) – BALLGAMES (4) – UNEXPECTED COMPANY (can’t just leave-5) – TIME CHANGES (spring ahead, fall back-2) – SPECIALS ON TV (Superbowl, etc.-4)


Pastor, that only leaves two Sundays per year, so you can count on us to be there the third Sunday of March and the first Sunday of August. We look forward to seeing you then.


E.X. Keuses

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