We Are Not There Yet, But We Will Be

“So we, who are many, are one body in Christ” Romans 12:5a


When the pandemic hit last year, many people thought that it would only be a few months and then everything would return to normal. The church believed that after a few weeks, we would once again be able to gather for the sacrament of Holy Communion and a short absence of the gift of grace would not harm anything. Instead, though some have been able to return to the sanctuary for the gift of Christ, there are still many who cannot physically attend church, but had to watch while others received the blessing of His Body and Blood. This pandemic has separated the faithful and the unity found in Christ (and Christ alone) has been limited to the occasional drive through communion and even that has not been available for all.

With the approval of the Church Council, and your pastor, we will offer Holy Communion for those who worship with us online starting February 21st the first Sunday of Lent. To safeguard the sacrament, we will only do this as we worship together (at church or at home), as part of our worship time together, and with the elements provided by the church. We will deliver to those who desire the sacrament this way, pre-packaged elements (the ones used at our last drive through communion.) If you want to join us in the Holy meal, please contact the church by phone (817-483-1631) or email (office@allsaintsarlington.org) and we will deliver enough packages for the season of Lent.

For those unable to worship with us at All Saints or online, call Pastor Baker at 740-794-1001 and I will make the sacrament available. Though separated by distance and this pandemic, we must continue to be united by Christ. God has given us this gift of grace and unity and we will find a way for all to receive it. May God continue to bless and keep you.

Pastor Baker

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