A Summer Parable

Now it came to pass that, as the time of vacation drew near, a certain member of the church bethought him of cool streams where fish were found, and his children thought of sandy beaches by the sea, and his wife thought of the mountains. And this church member spoke and said, “Lo the hot days come and my work lieth heavy upon me. come, let us depart and go where fishes do bite, and where the cool winds bring refreshment and the land is beautiful about us.

“Thou speakest words of wisdom, ” said his wife. “Yet three, nay, even four, things must we do ere we go.”

“Three things I think of, but not a fourth,” said her husband, “that we ask our neighbors to minister unto our flowers, that we arrange for our grass to be mowed and watered, that we have our mail forwarded; but no other thing cometh to my mind.”

“The fourth is like unto other three, but greater than all,” said his spouse, “even this, that thou dig into thy purse and remember thy God, in order that the good name of the church may be preserved, that the heart of the treasurer be made glad, and that it may be well with thee. For verily I say unto thee, thou hast more money now than thou wilt have when thou dost return.”

And the husband replied, “Verily, thou art noble and wise among women.” And he did remember God and God’s work in the days of the summer heat, and the treasurer rejoiced greatly, saying, “Of truth, there are those who care for the good of the church.” And it was so.

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