Congregational Meeting 9/19/21 Minutes


September 19, 2021


Purpose of meeting: Approval of Nominees to Call Committee and Approval of Revised Constitution


Call to Order: Bob Blankenship, Council President

Verification of Quorum: Richard Giltner, Council Secretary


Introduction: Bob Blankenship

. Introduction to Call Committee vote

. Introduction to Constitution approval vote


Constitution Approval Vote

. Motion by Marc Funderburk to accept the constitution as submitted

. Second to motion by Len Livingston

. Call for questions: none

. Call for discussion:

– Alex Widner- Statement of dissent, a no vote cast verbally

– Sherrie Livingston – Request for explanation of changes

Pastor Baker clarified that changes were implemented to assure due process for any and all people involved in any dispute or conflict within our congregation and that after one-on-one discussion and discussion with a neutral arbiter, if no resolution is reached then it goes before the congregation as final arbiter. The changes also remove all wording referring to “member in good standing” as there is no established meaning of that. One is either a member or not. Membership definition has not changed. Members who were previously dropped from the rolls for lack of “good standing” have been added to the rolls.

– Sherrie Livingston – Request for prayer for the healing of the congregation

Pastor Baker offered a prayer of healing and for the deliberations of the day

. Ballot Vote taken – 29 yes, 1 no; motion passed


Call Committee Vote

. Motion by Richard Giltner to accept the slate of nominees *-see list below

. Second to motion by Art Mory

. Call for questions: none

. Call for discussion:

– Sherrie Livingston – nomination of Carol Foster

– Pastor Baker – comments on the call process

The process is a long one, very different from in times past. Anyone having an agenda or individual goal should not participate in the process. The Call Committee serves until the installation of the new pastor. The congregation is an integral part of the process and will participate and received updates. Workbooks have been prepared for the committee.

. Motion by Art Mory to accept the amended slate of nominees

. Second to motion by Sherrie Livingston

. Voice vote taken – all ayes, no nos; motion passed by acclamation

. Pastor Baker handed out available workbooks and will have additional ones for those elected but not present. Pastor also indicated that installation of members of the committee will be held in two weeks as part of the church service of that week.


. Motion by Marc Funderburk to end meeting, second to motion by David Gustafson.



Libby Lindstrom

Kim Mory

Dave Gustafson

Rod Parks

Marc Funderburk

DJ Schoenweis

Mary Rosas

John Barnes

Dana Collins

Carol Foster

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