Property Board Annual Report 2021

Date: October 28, 2021


ASLC Update from Property Board

Mary Rosas, Trustee                      

Property Update:


  • Broken Pipe Event
  • Damage to the Porte Cochere
  • Parking Lot Project
  • Storage Shed Project
  • Signage Upgrade Project


Update from Property Board:

Old Business




Storage shed and NALC disaster relief storage building; preliminary cost of ASLC building is $12 to $15K; need council authority to seek three firm proposals.  NALC requirement is 20X20 (400 SF).  Existing ASLC storage is 310 SF.  Existing sloped slab is 450 SF.

In Progress

●     Determine adequate ASLC size.  ASLC confirmed interest in a 15X30 building. 

●     $16,000 allocated in the 2020 proposed budget

●     Grant money up to $20,000 is available from NALC for their 20X20 space in the building.

●     Finalize the following before getting three firm bids:

      Size, sloping slab, doors & options


Mary & Beverly met with Mary Bates and her husband on March 12 to tour the storage shed location.  The NALC now wants to park a tool trailer in their portion of the shed.  This will change the height requirement due to the slight ramp up to the slab.  They will provide final measurements and a picture of a similar facility for us to use in coming up with drawings.  The existing shed may be usable by the San Miguel folks.  Mary Bates was going to discuss that possibility with them.


April Update

As of the date of the April Council meeting, no additional information has been received from Mary Bates.


May Update

Beverly and Mary met with Mary Bates again on Monday, May 17th.  It was determined at that time that construction of the shed would be put off until supplies like wood came down in price, probably toward the end of the year.  Mary Bates emailed plans for a 30X 30 building which will be provided to Donald Scheeler to be tweaked for our use.  We hope to begin the permitting process so as to be ready when costs of supplies goes down.  Mary Bates also let us know that the folks as San Miguel would be interested in our existing storage shed and that she could probably supply some workers to disassemble it and move it to its new home.


June Update

Plans provided by Mary Bates were emailed to Donald Scheeler for his review.  This project will remain on hold  until construction costs return to a reasonable level.




July Update

This project is still on hold.  Beverly indicated that Rocky expressed an interest in bidding on the shed construction. Donald, John Barnes, Mary Rosas, Art Mory and possibly Beverly will meet to review the shed plans provided by Mary Bates.


August Update

The group mentioned above met to discuss electricity to the storage shed.  Art continues to work on that project.  See New Business


September & October Update

Storage shed project still on hold.


Water leaks

Intermittent unknowns in the Atrium & Sanctuary

These leaks do not cause serious water concerns.


New Leak

Classroom 3 began to experience a water leak originating at the floor level on Tuesday, May 11.  There is a French drain around the perimeter of this part of the building which has been functioning without incident for many years now.  There is a gutter drain pipe that empties into an underground pipe (installed in the French drain) in the location where the leak is occurring.  There were some cracks between the building and the French drain that were caulked as a first remedy for the leak. That did not stop the leak. 


On Sunday May 16th, there again was water in that classroom.  The pipe extension that was connected to the underground drain pipe was pulled out and left to drain into the French drain, and the entrance to the underground pipe was covered.  On Monday morning the 17th and through the date of this writing, there was no new water in that classroom.  We will continue the diversion for the time being.


Intermittent water was noted in early June during heavy rains.  One of the downspouts had a wire mesh “catcher” at the point of connection with the gutter.  The mesh was clogged with debris.  There was also part of a plastic cup in the same gutter area that had collected debris.  This appears to be what was causing the gutter to fill up when heavy rains occurred.  Water was likely backing up and going into the building.  Since the debris was cleaned out there have been no other instances of water on the floor in this location.  We will continue to monitor.


July Update

There were a couple of instances of water intrusion in July.  Eagle roofing was out to help us determine if the source related to roof issues.  We are still waiting for a call from them to learn what they found.


August Update

Water intrusion continues during hard rains.  A hole was bored at the end of the drainage trough. The pipe at the end of the trough that was being used to direct water out to the playground was capped off.  During the hard rain that occurred on Saturday, August 14th, only minimal water occurred in Classroom 3.  Progress is being made.  The cap may need to be sealed to be 100% water tight.


September Update

No hard rains to test the solution since the last update.


October Update

During a recent hard rain, there was no water intrusion.  We will continue to monitor.


Senior High Youth Group Kitchen/Carpeting


●     Kitchen area tile needs repair.

●     Carpet could be cleaned as a short-term solution.

●     Secure bids to upgrade subflooring; research wood/carpet alternatives

●     Consider asking Home Depot/Lowes/Habitat Restore for donation of supplies to offset costs.

●     John Barnes and Mary Rosas will reassess needs.


July Update

Because the youth & family mission trip was cancelled, it was decided to focus on remodeling of the youth rooms.  The “blue” room has been targeted for the week of July 26th.


August Update

All flooring was removed as well as the wallpaper in the two bathrooms.  Vinyl flooring has been laid in a portion of the area designated for that flooring.  Portions of the rest of that area will need releveling before completion of the vinyl flooring.  Carpet was also put down in a portion of the room. The bathroom walls were textured and painted.  A church-wide work day has been scheduled for Saturday, October 16th to continue work on this room.


September Update

More work was done on the Youth Room on Saturday, September 18.  Carpet laying has been completed.  Work will continue as volunteers are available.


October Update

No more work has been completed.  Emphasis has been on the Pumpkin Patch.  A work day has been planned on November 14 to continue work on the project.



H&H came out and removed the sagging panes. They had to order replacements and will install when they come in. Still under warranty.  They will be contacted in February to determine status of replacement panes.


April Update

The interior sagging panes were removed.  They will need to be fabricated.  (The exterior panels are completely functional and no water intrusion has occurred). Due to all of the other projects ongoing at All Saints, no follow up has been made with H&H.  Mary will try to have more information for the May meeting.


No Update for May, June or July.

Mary will try to make contact with them in August to inquire about the status of the replacement panes.


August, September & October Updates

Due to other ongoing projects, no follow up occurred in August, September or October.  Mary will contact H&H in November to find out the status of the replacement panels.


New Business




Broken Pipe Event

On February 16, water pipes in Classroom 22 in the CLC wing burst.  This occurred around 3:00 p.m.  The valve at the water meter at the street may have been frozen; it took until 6:00 p.m. to get the water shut off and took 3 guys to get that done.  By then, a significant amount of water had inundated the building.  Rocky Baires who handled the work during the CLC sewage backup came in to begin the restoration and tear out of the building.  At this point, the decision has been made to replace all flooring in the building.  Decisions regarding cabinetry replacement on the ASLC side are being made on a room by room basis. The CLC wing, atrium and sanctuary are the first areas to be restored.  The entire restoration will take at least a month and maybe longer depending on availability of supplies.  We are only one of many organizations dealing with this.


An insurance adjuster has been identified.  The contract with him calls for a 10% fee of the entire loss claimed.  He will be onsite sometime during the week of February 21st.

We will assist with cleanout of the choir room, pantry, fellowship hall and library. We have secured one storage box for this.  It’s uncertain at this time if anything more than flooring will be replaced in the library.


March Update

There is still no settlement from the insurance company.  Rocky’s crew is continuing to make progress, however.  Most of the sheetrock on the bottom 2 feet that was removed has been replaced.  The classrooms where the water came in are being closed in.  The Atrium restrooms have been gutted and the flooring in the choir room has been removed.  Wallpaper has been removed in the associate pastor’s office and is in the process of being removed in the pastor’s office.


Crosses were taken down this weekend (March 21st), holes patched and sanded.  Anything else that was on the walls in the Atrium has been removed.  The gophers are systematically going room to room to take down anything else that remains on the walls on the ASLC side.  The teachers have been cleaning out the cubbies on the CLC side.


There are still questions as to how much work is to be done (other than flooring) in the church office, the kitchen and pantry and the restrooms off the old narthex.  We have been told that the fellowship hall flooring will be replaced.


Gary Adix was contacted regarding his interest in anything in the Library.  He responded that he would discuss with his brothers.  That was almost two weeks ago.  Mary followed up with an email, but has still not received any response.  Packing up of the Library will continue with the books to be donated as previously discussed.


April Update

We have received notification of two settlement checks related to the pipe burst event.  That information was provided to council via email last week.  Mitigation is being covered at $286,825.72.  Rebuilding is being covered at $756, 413.78.  An depreciation reduction of $40,627.53  and a deductible reduction of $2,500 have been applied to the second total, leaving an amount of $713,286.25 available for the rebuild.  The depreciation amount is recoverable following completion of construction.


Mary Rosas has requested that Karolyn get with Rocky to get an invoice for mitigation costs.  We will also need to work with Rocky to get an estimate for the rebuilding costs so we can make decisions about what areas we want to include in the remodel that will not be covered by the insurance claim.  I reviewed the details of the rebuild coverage and did not identify the kitchen, Library or the bathrooms off the narthex area as covered areas.  Anything we do with those rooms would have to be covered by separate funds.


Rooms that had no walls are now closed in.  The bottom 2 feet that were removed in affected areas have also been closed in.  All the built ins have been removed in the Associate Pastor’s office and Mara’s office.  Karolyn will be reporting more details regarding other reconstruction progress.


Packing continues.  Julia’s office was finished up Monday, the 12th.  The banner hanger has been removed and Beverly has appropriately renamed that closet the “technology” room.


May Update

Flooring has been laid in CLC area and painting has been completed.  Cabinets are being installed.  The teachers have been working on returning furnishings and equipment to their respective rooms.  The target date for CLC reopening is still June 1.  Johnson Controls is lagging as far as doing the alarm reinstall.


The Paintbusters demolished everything in the Library and the Associate Pastor’s office.  The cabinets from the Library that Karolyn wanted for the CLC are being installed.  The Gophers worked on that project Monday the 17th and will continue to work to meet Karolyn’s goal of June 1st.  Hopefully they will finish before that date.  Karolyn is happy with the reinstall so far. Other cabinets from the two rooms demolished may find their way into the Office.


The Sanctuary has been moved up in priority.  Re-carpeting will begin soon after completion of the CLC area.  Rocky wants to be able to get the pews moved back in so work can begin in the narthex and fellowship hall.  To facilitate that process, ASLC has taken on cleaning up the pews and addressing any water damage to the wood that may have occurred.  A work day has been scheduled for Saturday, May 22nd to work on them and to go through furnishings remaining in the Atrium to determine what to keep/give away/trash.


Mary and Beverly walked the Fellowship hall on Monday the 17th to come up with a plan for clearing out what is no longer needed.  Some packing will be required prior to the new carpeting going down in there.


The kitchen and pantry area will also receive new flooring.  That will probably be last on the list.  Mary and Beverly discussed paring down of kitchenware occupying both the kitchen cabinets and the shelves in the pantry.


June Update

The CLC opened on schedule of June 1st after successfully passing all licensing inspections.  They are using the door off the playground for access until the atrium can be finished up.


Work began on re-staining the beams in the sanctuary.  Carpeting of the choir room has stalled due to delays in obtaining the carpeting. Work has begun in the library, with walls being prepped for paint and can lights being installed.  Work has also begun in the restrooms off the old narthex.


We still don’t have a projected date for being back in the sanctuary.  Just this week, Beverly and Mary were discussing carpet choices for that room. It could be weeks following ordering before it can be onsite for installation.


July Update

Staining of the beams in the Sanctuary has been completed.  Carpet has been laid in the Choir Room and Sanctuary.  Refinishing of the altar floor is in progress.  Pews will be moved in during the week of July 18th.  Furniture was rotated on Saturday, July 17th to facilitate moving of the pews.


August Update  

Sunday morning services have resumed in the Sanctuary.  The altar floor refinishing has been put on hold due to difficulties encountered in getting the floor to take the clear coat.  We are waiting for a decision regarding whether insurance will cover replacement of the flooring.


New carpet has been laid in the Fellowship Hall; there is new flooring in the Atrium, Narthex (including the hallway and bathrooms) church office and Library.  Due to a leaking air conditioner drain pipe, the ceiling in the Library received some water damage.  Rocky’s crew will fix that.  Kitchen and pantry flooring is in the process of being removed. We are still waiting on bathroom stalls to be installed.


September Update

Altar flooring still on hold pending insurance resolution.


Tile has been laid in the kitchen, except those areas where certain equipment has to be moved (range, griddle, refrigerator, sinks, etc.)  A plumber is needed to shut off the gas to the range/griddle.  They are in demand right now and Rocky has not been able to find one who can do the disconnect.


Rooms are being repopulated with furniture.  The old counter’s room is being used as a Sunday school classroom until air can be turned in the Adix room.


The restrooms are still missing stalls.  Beverly will have more information at meeting time. 


Marilyn Funderburk has been designing the bride room to be more functional for bridal groups.  Additional electric outlets are being requested. This room is coming along nicely.


October Update

The kitchen floor has been completed.  There is some residual grout smear on the tile which Rocky will be out to evaluate and determine a solution.  Kitchen and pantry items (tablecloths, utensils, dinnerware, etc.) are being evaluated to determine what we need to keep and what we can donate. Thanks to those who are working on that.  The white dinnerware that is seldom used was put out on a table in the Atrium on Sunday, October 24.  Much of it was taken home by the Spanish congregation who worships here.


Work on the altar floor is expected to begin before the end of October.  The replacement flooring is in transit. The goal is to have the floor completed in time for Mara’s wedding.


Bathroom stall installation is delayed due to shortage of hardware.  Beverly continues to monitor that situation.


Porte Cochere Damage

A Kyocera delivery truck ran into the cross beam of the porte cochere causing significant damage.  Insurance adjusters (Kyocera) have been out to assess the damage.  A preliminary appraisal has been received (around $8,500); however, the cost is expected to go higher following receipt of the engineer’s report.


September & October Update

This project is on hold pending insurance decisions.


Roof Repair – Sanctuary

Sanctuary and tower areas needed shingle replacement. Repairs also needed in other areas.  The following bids were obtained.


First Bid – VIP roofing – $61,415.75 (roof only)

Second Bid – PAQ Services – $32,236.29 (roof only)

Third Bid – Eagle Roofing Co. – $39,422.00

        (Includes fascia repairs)

No significant increases in pricing since bids comparison document was provided.

Online approval of the Eagle bid occurred in January.  Work is to begin Monday, March 22nd.  An initial down payment of $19K will be required when work begins.




April Update

The Sanctuary roof repair project has been completed.  An additional leak was identified the day the project began that was not part of the contract.  The area affected was located above the bride/cry room off the Atrium.  Water was leaking on either side of the shared wall between the cry room and sanctuary.  A temporary patch was done for the amount of $450.  This work is considered temporary.  A more permanent fix estimated to cost $16,200 was included in the documents provided for the meeting.  Overall, Eagle did a good job.  There is a significant difference in the color of the shingles vs. the flat roof area done several years ago, but color matching is always a challenge when portions of the roof are done at different times.


May Update

Rocky was approved to fix the leak for $3,800.  As of this writing, the leak is still a problem.  Water was noted on the sanctuary floor again after the rains on Sunday, May 16th. The walls related to this leak were patched with the hope that the leak had been fixed.  As of this writing, the source of the leak has not been identified.


June Update

The source of this leak was identified and appears to be related to some deteriorated siding on the building.  The repair will be done when materials are received.


August Update

Siding repair has been completed.


October Update

This leak issue appears to be solved.  No water issued occurred during the last few hard rains.


Parking Lot/Handicapped parking area

Open – getting bid updates; lower priority

●        Concrete joints need concrete repair material

●        Bids are in hand, but waiting until church work is done to tackle the parking lot.


Outdoor Sign Upgrade

In Progress

Due to the expense of digital signage, an upgrade of the current signs in place is being considered.  FastSigns has provided a quote and some mock ups.  Cost for 2 signs would be approximately $8,500.  Initial mockup and quote distributed via email.


New mock ups were distributed via email (February 12) that included an additional zip line in two different heights. Other elements of the sign were repositioned to look more balanced.


Based on the Council meeting in February, another look will be taken at the desirability of the zip line feature of the sign as it is an outdated mode of messaging.  David Gorman has offered to help with this process.


This project is on an indefinite hold.


Electricity to the Storage Shed/Garden/Parking Lot Lights

Bel-Ton Electric was out to look at the possibility of providing power to the storage shed and to attempt to make it possible to use the outlets associated with the parking lot lights when the lights are not on.  There some challenges with how the wiring was originally done.  The project was put on hold until we can come up with a better plan. 


Art Mory continues to spearhead this project.  As mentioned above, a group met to discuss electricity to the proposed storage shed.  A new meter is planned behind the storage shed area which will also serve the parking lot lights.  This meter is targeted for installation by October.


September Update

A new panel is installed near the garden.  The City of Arlington has approved the permit for the new service.  Art Mory is currently seeking bids on the remaining work to hook up the new service to the parking lot lights, etc.  Belton is one of the bidders, but at least 3 bids will be needed to fulfill ASLC requirements for projects of this type. A motion will be made at the September meeting to waive the 3-bid requirement citing lack of available electricians to solicit bids from due to the high demand and our confidence in Belton’s work and pricing.  Total estimated cost from Belton is $24,308.


October Update

Based on the vote at the September council meeting, work has progressed on this project.  The original contract amount was revised to $22,276.  The stumbling block now is that the pole on the adjacent property that the electricity will be brought down from is cemented in (which is not allowed) which is making it impossible to take the line underground, which is preferable.  The property owner has refused to break up the concrete to facilitate the underground line.  The only option now is to go overhead; however, the permit has expired in the meantime and a new permit must be issued by the City to continue the work.


Digital Signage Project

On Hold

Acquiring bids for digital signage to replace current signs.

Sign Express – $20,000 per sign

Golden Rule Signs $57,000-61,000.

Core Displays – $21,832 per sign

On hold – looking at updating current signs.



Gopher activities:



Continuing to replace light bulbs as needed, re-wiring some fixtures for LED bulbs as the ballasts go out.


Checking windows at CLC for screen repairs needed, missing screens and inability of windows to remain in open position. Screens are being repaired by Donald as he recuperates at home. Windows not staying open will need to be addressed by qualified vendor.  May require replacement of entire window.


Replaced one dripping faucet in the nursery.  One faucet needs to be replaced in Classroom 7.  Waiting on plumber to fix the shut off valve to that faucet (this repair will be added on to the plumbing being done related to the pipe burst).



Removed crosses in the Atrium as part of the building restoration.  Removed a door in Karolyn’s office that led into an adjoining closet.  Karolyn no longer had a need for that door.  Various packing and dismantling of structure no longer needed is ongoing.




Removed the banner hanger from the banner closet.  Removed three of the dead shrubs off the parking lot area.  Additional effort will be needed due to some deeper roots on the fourth shrub.  Brought out the wooden cross for the Easter Sunday celebration and placed artificial flowers on the higher branches where a ladder was needed.  Took the cross down the Monday evening following Easter Sunday.  Walked the property before Easter Sunday to pick up trash laying around.  Treated the area to be used for Easter Sunday worship for fire ants.



Worked to pack up the remaining books in the Library and moved all the books to an offsite storage area until they can be moved to their new home in Tennessee.  Richard Giltner helped with this process and is donating the storage space.  We thank him for his time and involvement in this project.  Participated in the workday to remove cabinets from the library and associate pastor’s office.  Began the reinstall of the cabinets from the library in the CLC workroom.  That project should be completed by the end of the month.  Donald has joined us again and brought his much needed table saw for us to use.  We are glad to have him back with us again.


Reinstalled repaired window screens around the CLC portion of the building.  Two new ones still need to be made.  They are a lower priority and will probably be addressed this summer.  Some of the windows in the CLC classrooms don’t stay in the up position.  Requested that Karolyn discuss with Rocky to see if he can either address or advise us what we need to do to get these windows operating again.


Worked to trouble shoot the water leak in classroom 3 that started on Tuesday, May 11th, and successfully rerouted the gutter drain pipe that appears to be the problem to empty into the French drain (it has been routed to an underground pipe that may be in need of a clean out). 


Continued to make sure the garden is watered until an automatically timed water source is installed nearer the garden.  Mother nature has helped with that process.



A huge group effort at the end of May and into June got everything moved out of the sanctuary to make it ready for beam staining and carpeting.  Both the Mission Monday and the Paintbusters group contributed to this effort.  Additional effort will be required as new areas of work are identified.


Beverly cut back the oleander that was damaged by the cold earlier this year.  The debris will be moved to the dumpster area when time allows.



The Gophers continue to provide setup in the Atrium for the Sunday morning services every Saturday morning.  Other miscellaneous jobs are accomplished, including outdoor landscape maintenance, during a 2-hour time period.  A bookcase from the choir room was relocated into an all-purpose room at the CLC.  It will be bolted to the wall for safety.  Light bulbs in the porte cochere were replaced.



The Gophers cleared out the pantry and moved everything into the Fellowship Hall to allow for removal of the floor in the kitchen and pantry.  Remaining items in the Atrium were also moved into the Fellowship Hall through another Saturday morning group effort.  This allowed for the Atrium and Narthex to receive new flooring.  The Gophers also continue to meet following the Mission Monday meetings to do miscellaneous chores around the building.





The gophers and other volunteers continue to move furniture around as rooms are finished and can be repopulated for use.  We thank everyone that comes out on Saturday mornings to continue this process.  The gophers installed a new sweep on one of the exit doors on the CLC side.  Doorstops were checked for functionality, either replaced or new rubber tips installed.  We will painting the new exit door to the playground using the same color as the trim around the inside doors.  Mary and Donald met up with Carol Foster to help load some tables that she needed for an event at her home.  This group has been meeting most Monday nights at 7:00 and on Saturday mornings from 9 to around 11 or 12.



The gophers and other volunteers continue to move furniture around as rooms are finished and can be repopulated for use.  We thank everyone that comes out on Saturday mornings to continue this process. 

The newest project taken on is the reimagining of the large triangular cabinet to be more user friendly for Media Shout and to take away the need for the operator to sit in the aisle.  We will be re-mounting the antenna that was taken down to paint the sanctuary which will make it possible for Steve to use the wireless microphones on Sunday morning.  We will be focusing on more indoor projects as the season changes taking away outdoor work opportunities on Monday nights.


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