Council Minutes 5/21/20

ASLC Council Meeting
May 21, 2020
7:00 PM

Attendees: John Barnes, Robert Blankenship, Beverly Byers, Elizabeth Lindstrom, Mary Rosas,
Evelyn Gorman, Patricia Scott, Pastor John Scheusner

Opening Prayer – Patti Scott

Devotional – Peacemakers – Chapter 3

Approval of Minutes – April 16, 2020 (revision), May 7, 2020 (Special Meeting)
April 16th minutes – Subsequent to the April meeting, Libby requested via email to Mary a revision to the April minutes to include only the following related to the Sunday morning Bible study: “We will need someone to take over the Sunday morning Bible study; the Gustafsons have commitments through late June/July. Marc Funderburk will be asked.”
May 7th minutes – Meeting with Curt – Change to read “Libby summarized the meeting with Curt.”

Libby motioned to re-approve the April 16th minutes with the requested revision and to approve the May 7th with the proposed revision. Beverly seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Pastor’s Report – See attached report
New confirmation date probably in late August
Mission Trip – distancing still the issue, Mara is continuing to do planning
Mara is working on high school fellowship events/VBS
Garage sale is off for this year, we are continuing to liquidate what we have; sell what we can, give away the rest.
Mara is working on pumpkin patch fundraiser in lieu of the garage sale.

Libby motioned to approve Pastor’s Report, Bev seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Board Report Updates
Property Board Report
Digital Signs – Beverly suggested that the signs be put on permanent hold until we are more ready and have good financial data. Pastor John agreed. A fundraiser was suggested as a way to fund this project. It was suggested to couple the signage with improvements in the Atrium. A cohesive plan could be implemented through the Strategic Plan.
Continuing Roof Leak – Hallway near Classroom 21 – Bev has a contact who has looked at that roof issue and knows the potential fix. She will forward information.
Roof Trim – More trim has blown off the building. Beverly suggested that repair be included with Sanctuary roof repair project.
Sanctuary Roof Repair – Need 3 bids for this project in preparation for a congregational meeting. We have one that needs to be updated. Rockie Baires is interested in providing a bid.
Gophers – currently John Barnes, Donald Scheeler and Mary Rosas. Need to recruit a few more helpers (Alex Widner). Current projects include replacing light bulbs, adding light fixtures in choir alcove, painting of Pastor’s office and cleaning up the landscape.

Ministry Boards Reports
Membership Care – Nothing to report
Fellowship – Evelyn will be in contact with Don and Celia regarding Fellowship planning. Will report back to council.

Phase II Re-opening of CLC – Karolyn Havener
Karolyn thanked Evelyn for masks/gloves provided to help with getting up to speed to open. CLC will start June 1st. CLC can open up to anyone, not just essential workers. Karolyn has sent out emails and posted information on Facebook. She is doing to the best of her ability what is expected for the safety of all. There will be a student waiver to be signed for everyone who will attend. Estimated attendance now at 44 for the summer. May lose 3 of them. Class ratios have been lowered in the protocols. Phase 3 should change those protocols. Revenue is estimated at $44K; however, $9,923 is still a credit on their books. She has priced hand washing stations with the following estimates: $1,500 – adult size, $1,300 -child size. She has found a portable station for $190 at Home Depot. She will order one child size and purchase one from Home Depot to compare. She needs more staff. She has lost one to a full time job elsewhere. Karolyn asked for references if we know of anyone.

Treasurer’s Report
Beverly presented the report for April year to date as well as the final for December 2019. December is essentially correct, with a few amounts to be moved between categories. We are at a deficit of ($85,635) as of April 30, 2020. Note that April CLC tuition numbers do not include refunds that were made in May. We ended 2019 with a positive balance of $659,700, largely due to the tower sale income of $826,000 and land sale income of $277,000.

Numbers for December were delayed due to difficulties experienced in trying to change from Shepherd’s Staff, our previous financial software, to Church 365. Church 365’s financial reporting module is not user friendly; therefore, Beverly made the decision to use QuickBooks for our financial reporting. This will provide easier and better reporting options.

Pastor John requested read only access to QuickBooks. He wants the ability to review financial information on as needed basis. Evelyn set up a meeting time at her workplace in Grand Prairie on June 2nd at 2:00 p.m. for a detailed review of the church’s financial reports for those who want to attend.

The “Property” line on the report reflects service contracts. Some service contract amounts are annual amounts, some are monthly. We are continuing to perform normal maintenance, so some expenses will still be incurred. We have 2 years left on the Nevell copier contracts. We will be looking for a new vendor due to continued problems with the CLC copier. We are looking at Shred bin options; lockable 64-gallon bin is $250. The cost for them to come in and retrieve and shred the contents is $100. The bin can be housed in the Counter’s room until space can be made for it elsewhere.

Motion was made by Libby and seconded by John Barnes to accept the Board, CLC and Treasurer’s reports. Motion carried.

COVID Updates – Nothing to report

Online Motions – No online votes to report.

Inactive Member Notification
Pastor has emailed letters to reach out to the Terhune’s and Carol Foster to offer reconciliation meetings. We are to review the letters and provide our comments by Tuesday, May 26th.


Congregational Meeting
The date of July 19th, 2:00 p.m. will be put on the calendar for a Special Congregational Meeting. Tentative agenda will be:
1. Strategic Plan Update
2. Sanctuary Roof Repair
3. Overall Budget Changes related to COVID
4. Playground Relocation

Insurance Payment – There are still a few questions regarding the insurance payment for the sewage backup claim. Final numbers should be available soon. The insurance payment is part of the cash flow part of the budget. Improvements made are recorded as fixed assets.

Secretary Elect Vacancy – No contact has been made with secretary elect nominees – Mary will make contact with Richard Giltner to ask if would he like to reconsider his nomination. (note, Richard called Mary during this meeting and the offer was made on the phone at that time).

Online Minutes – Preference is to upload a read only version so no alterations can be made. Attachments can be requested or accessed in the official Minutes book in the Atrium. Mary will send the Word documents to Julia.

Strategic Plan Update – A meeting was set for June 8th @ 7:00 p.m. We will invite Rod Parks, Marc Funderburk, Don and Celia Hershenhoffer and Karolyn Havener.

Boards Monthly Meeting Night – Council agreed to suspend board meeting night until Fall. Pastor John suggested we consider rethinking the board organization to resemble the up/down/in/out structure. This could be a discussion during the Strategic Plan meeting.

WiFi Update Bids – An upgrade of our WiFi is required to move forward with online streaming of our worship services. Beverly presented two bids, one from Tarrant Technology for $6,000 and one from Kyocera for $15,000. Evelyn motioned to contact Tarrant Tech for the WiFi upgrade, Patti Scott seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Executive Session – Beverly motioned and Evelyn seconded to move into Executive Session. Motion carried. Libby motioned to resume regular session, Patti seconded. Motion carried.

Adjournment – 10:15 p.m. – Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried

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