Council Minutes 6/8/20

ASLC Business Meeting
June 8, 2020
7:00 p.m.

Business Meeting
A short business meeting was held before the workshop. The business meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. The following council members were in attendance:

John Barnes, Evelyn Gorman, Libby Lindstrom, Mary Rosas, Beverly Byers

Online Giving – Facebook

Challenges – how to get the money, tie to bank account;
Requires credit card info. Will run test to determine functionality
Other vendors charge %. Square is 2%. We are ready to get started on our side.

Motion was made by Evelyn to offer Facebook as a giving option. Beverly seconded. Motion carried

Scrip Funds
There is a $2,500 balance in this fund due to it no longer being used to reduce the mortgage.
Motion was made by Evelyn to use Scrip funds for Property needs, 2nd John Barnes, Motion carried

Insurance Sewage Backup reconciliation – Informational only
Beverly presented a summary of insurance proceeds related to the sewage backup. Total expense to ASLC submitted for insurance recovery was $73,421. The amount reimbursed by Guide One was $67,053 leaving ASLC with a net expense for the event of $6,368 which includes the $2,500 dedictible.

Night Shelter Sandwich Making Ministry – Informational only
Grace Lutheran in Arlington took this ministry over temporarily when the Terhune’s bowed out. Rod Parks and the Hirschenhoffers will cover one month. Celia suggested that each board take a month. This activity typically occurs on the 4th Saturday of the month around 9:00 a.m. Karolyn Havener confirmed that whenever there are no children in the building ASLC people can be in the building. Responsibility falls under Ministry Boards

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