Council Minutes 1/20/22

January 20, 2022

Presiding: John Barnes, Council President
Call to Order: John Barnes
Verification of Quorum: 1 member absent, John Barnes confirms quorum

Pastor’s Report: Pastor Scott Baker
Pastoral Call Workshop to be held on 1/29
Dr. Wendell is now presenting church renewal workshops including “Turning into a
Discipleship Congregation” and “Renewal in our Modern times”.
Financial Report: Beverly Byers- Upcoming finance meeting will finalize year end report and
January report. Reports will be presented at the February meeting.
Benevolence money has been dispersed.
1099s and W-2s have gone out
2021 Offerings were $135,000/Budgeted offerings was $150,000
2021 CLC Tuition was $301,000/ Budgeted Tuition was $425,000
Property Report: Mary Rosas- A partial insurance payment for the damaged porte cochere has
arrived for $10,000.
Discussion on storage shed plans. All shed information can be given directly to Marc
Lawn mowers contract up for renewal. Discussion considered mower’s insurance for
property damage and personal injury. The contract comes up for renewal annually. Price
increases can be expected.
Motion to accept the lawn company’s contract as it was in the second submission was made by
Mary Rosas. Motion seconded by Pastor Baker, John Barnes called for a vote. Unanimously
D.J. Schonewies: Report submitted and attached. No comments or discussion
Old Business:
John Barnes- Discussion about sign refresh/replacement. Art suggests cleaning signs
soon. Mission Monday group is looking at having The Paint Busters help construct any new
sign. Subject tabled until such time as a pastor is in place.

New Business:
The Call Committee is hard at work. Discussed upcoming workshop.
Discussion on Building Usage Agreement. Beverly marked up the agreement. It was
discussed that labels should be more specific. Terms to be used are Sanctuary, using the
names Bible Study Room, Finance/Conference Room and Adix Board Room.
Discussed monthly request forms, event contracts, emergency exit plans.
40th Anniversary Celebration: Art made a motion to set aside April 2nd-3rd for the 40th
Anniversary Celebration.
Mary seconded
Discussion included a planning committee. Committee to be composed of specifically
invited individuals and respondents to an open request for volunteers.
Motion carried unanimously.
Church Weather Cancelation Policy: After discussion, John Barnes made a motion
stating any decision to cancel worship due to bad weather be made by a group including council president, president-elect and member of the property board. This committee will meet by 5 o’clock the Saturday before to make the decision whether or not to cancel. If a cancellation results, the pastor, Steve and Julia Bessler will be alerted.
D.J. Schoneweis seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Stacey Welch
Council Secretary

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