Council Minutes 11-17-20

All Saints Lutheran Church

Regular Council Meeting

November 17, 2020

7:00 p.m.


Attendees: John Barnes, Robert Blankenship, Beverly Byers, Evelyn Gorman, Elizabeth Lindstrom, Mary Rosas, Pastor John Scheusner


Absent: Richard Giltner, Patty Scott


Opening Prayer: Pastor John


Devotion: The Peacemakers, Chapter 7 – short discussion led by Libby Lindstrom


Minutes: Minutes for the October 6th and October 27th Council meetings were presented for approval. Motion was made by Beverly Byers and seconded by John Barnes to approve the minutes as presented. Motion passed unanimously.


CLC Report: Karolyn reported that one teacher who was completing an internship for CPS employment would be leaving soon. This will create a vacancy in the infant program. One teacher had kids in the Venus school district which is closing due to COVID-19. Jackie is out for 2 weeks due to her children being exposed to COVID-19. She will be using Indeed which costs more but has been providing more interviewers and better quality potential employees. She will also post on Monster.


The Butter Braids fundraiser raised around $1,500. One CLC family has given $3,000 to help other families with tuition plus an additional amount of $1,000 for other needs.


The playground remodel is almost complete. The toddler area fencing had to be ordered and will be installed as soon as it comes in. The result is amazing!


Pastor’s Report: The Pastor’s report is attached in its entirety to the published minutes.


Board Updates: An updated property report was provided by John Barnes. A copy is attached to the published minutes.


Don Hirschenhofer reported that he had reviewed the Fellowship Board job description. He indicated that he did not want kitchen maintenance to be included in that board’s responsibilities. It was agreed that that part of the description could be revisited after the first of the year. Don also reported that he and Celia would be organizing a “pie palooza” following the Thanksgiving Eve Eve service. They will request that pies be provided already cut. They will plate and serve in the Atrium following the service.


Bob motioned to accept the board reports. John Barnes seconded. There was no discussion. Motion passed unanimously.


Online Motions There were no online motions to record.


COVID 19 Updates Tarrant County is pulling back to 50% occupancy for stores and may close churches. Pastor John indicated that as long as we can make a legal case to stay open, we will continue live worship. Livestreaming will also continue.


Branding/Signs Discussion continues around the new sign options. We want to include some mention of “Lutheran” in the subtitles. Further discussion was tabled to a future meeting.


Boards Descriptions/

Policies Procedures Tabled for a future meeting.


Roof Bids John Barnes reported on an additional bid he had received from Aspen Roofing. The bid was extremely high ($322,000) and included a lot of items not included in our request. John added that he got the feeling from conversations that the company was not ethical in their business approach. This bid will not be considered in our decision making process.


Mary will seek a bid from PAQ for roof replacement (they previously had offered a bid for repairs only) to provide a 3rd acceptable bid.


Playground Update See CLC reporting


Storage Shed Update Beverly reported that she had been in contact with Mary Bates at NALC. Bev will send out an email update.


New Business



Meeting Review Overall reaction was the meeting went really well. Council needs to follow through with appointment of Mary to the Trustee Board Chair position following approval by the Nominating Committee. Pastor John will provide recommendations for additional Nominating Committee member(s). We will need to provide a way for people to comment on the Constitution revisions and continue to remind them to provide such comments.


Thanksgiving Offering Motion was made to Beverly to designate the Thanksgiving Eve Eve offering for Arlington Charities. Bob seconded the motion. There was no further discussion. Motion passed unanimously.


Pulpit Supply Pastor John has requested that he be authorized to take his 4th 2020 PTO Sunday on January 3, 2021. Beverly so moved. Bod seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Executive Session Libby made a motion to enter into an executive session. Beverly seconded. Motion carried. Motion was made by Libby, seconded by Bob to come out of executive session. Motion carried.


Motion was made to Libby, seconded by Bob, to approve bonuses as discussed during the executive session. There was no further discussion. Motion carried.


Closing Prayer The meeting closed in prayer around 9:45 p.m.


Adjournment Libby motion to adjourn. Bob seconded. Motion carried.



Respectfully submitted,

Mary Rosas

Council Secretary


Additional Information:

Council Orientation was set for Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

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