Council Minutes 2/16/23

Call to Order

A monthly meeting of the All Saints Church Council was held on February 16 2023 at All Saints Lutheran Church. 

The meeting was presided over by Art Mory, Council President.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

A quorum was declared by Art Mory.

Opening prayer provided by Art Mory.



Voting Council Members in attendance included: Art Mory, DJ Schoneweis, Donald Scheeler, Lois Ballard Stephenson and Ginya Anderson

Absent Council Members:  none

Staff in attendance included: Julia Bessler, Karolyn Havener, (Mara Welch on LOA)

Guest in attendance included: Beverly Byers


Approval of Minutes

January and October minutes were distributed for corrections and approval.

A motion was made by Lois Stephenson, seconded by DJ Schoneweis, to accept minutes.

The motion carried with 5 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.


Staff Reports  

Youth and Family Ministries Report deferred – Mara on LOA

Children’s Learning Center (CLC) Report was provided by Karolyn Havener.

Financial Report was presented by Beverly Byers.

  • We are currently moving ~$28, 000, from investments to cover monthly expenses.
  • Compensation for a pastor has been allocated in the 2023 budget.
  • Currently we have no Property Damage Insurance.

Communications Report presented by Julia Bessler.

Call Committee Report was presented by Art Mory for Marc Funderburk.

  • The call committee has recommended Pastor Abera Hellemo be asked to take Call at ASLC.
  • Council and Call Committee will work together to put together and update a packet to include
  • Compensation Agreement
  • Job Description/Pastor Duties and Responsibilities.
  • Call Letter
  • An open discussion about the financial health of ASLC needs to be made with Pastor Hellemo.


Trustee Reports

Board of Ministry Report was presented Lois Stephenson.


Property report was presented by Donald Scheeler.

  • Gutter Cleaning estimate received for $750.
  • Karolyn getting bids to replace the CLC water heater to keep up with state requirements.
  • Lighting for women’s bathroom – we will look through our existing supplies.
  • Are there projects that can be done by the congregants?


Motion made by DJ Shoneweis, seconded by Donald Scheeler, to accept staff and trustee reports. The motion carried with 5 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.


OLD Business

Roof Repair/HVAC Ductwork –

  • Will be monitored closely as the rainy season progresses.
  • Bev recommends only necessary facility work be done at this time.

Wedding/Funeral Packet – on hold, we can resume editing if Pastor Hellemo is called.

Shared Drive procedures:

  • Use the link in the original e-mail;
  • Add reports and documents in their respective month and year.

Lent/Easter Worship Services.

Maintenance Contact List

  • Karolyn Havener has a list and will forward that to Donald Scheeler.
  • Begin creating Facilities Handbook for the different areas of the church: CLC, Sanctuary, and Kitchen, etc.

Property e-mail, has been CHANGED

Gas Lease update – no updates


NEW Business

Marissa Sandoval Quinceanera –  January 2024

  • Spanish Speaking Pastor requested – We will follow ASLC guidelines as presented in the wedding packet to have an ASLC church representative overseeing the service/planning to accommodate this request.
  • Julia will reach out to the Sandoval family and have them fill out an application for further review.



A motion was made by Ginya Anderson, seconded by DJ Schoneweis, for the meeting to adjourn at 9:01pm.  The motion carried with 5 yeas in favor and 0 nay’s against. 

Art Mory closed in prayer.

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All Saints Lutheran Church Council

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