Council Minutes 3/16/23

Call to Order

A monthly meeting of the All Saints Church Council was held on March 16, 2023 at All Saints Lutheran Church. 

The meeting was presided over by Art Mory, Council President.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

A quorum was declared by Art Mory.

Opening prayer provided by Art Mory.



Voting Council Members in attendance included: Art Mory, DJ Schoneweis, Donald Scheeler, Lois Ballard Stephenson and Ginya Anderson (late arrival).

Absent Council Members:  none

Staff in attendance included: Julia Bessler, Karolyn Havener, (Mara Welch on LOA)

Guest in attendance included: Beverly Byers, Marc Funderburk


Approval of Minutes

February 2023 minutes were distributed for corrections and approval. Minute correction- Executive session did not occur. Needs to reflect only the meeting was adjourned.

A motion was made to accept the minutes with the correction by DJ Schoneweis, seconded by Donald Scheeler, to accept minutes.

The motion carried with 4 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.


Call Committee Report

 Call Committee report was presented by Marc Funderburk.

  • Despite the vote at the March 3rd Congregational meeting the Call Committee continues to recommend that Pastor Abera Hellemo be asked to take Call at ASLC.
  • Pastor Hellemo will return to Arlington the weekend of April 2nd, Palm Sunday.
    • This is a social visit to help the congregation get to know him better.
    • There will be NO vote the weekend of April 2nd.
  • Based on feedback received, the Call Committee feels that there was confusion at the previous vote, the following recommendations have been made
    • Schedule a separate Town Hall meeting to review, with the congregation, the Compensation Packet for any oncoming pastor which falls within the guidelines of the congregationally approved budget for 2023.
    • Provide a visual comparison of the proposed Compensation Packet against the 2023 Budget and previous full-time Pastor’s salary
    • Field any questions specifically regarding the Compensation Packet for any oncoming pastors.
    • Open the floor to any questions pertaining specifically to Pastor Abera Hellemo, once compensation packet questions have been answered


Staff Reports  

Youth and Family Ministries Report provided by Lois for Mara (on LOA).

  • DJ will call Mara to touch base regarding filling eggs for the Eggstravaganza.


Children’s Learning Center (CLC) Report was provided by Karolyn Havener.

  • Who has been contacted regarding repair of the swing set? The preference is to have the repairs done professionally, but companies only want to replace with new equipment and not repair.
    • There is no known documentation of the manufacturer of the swing set.
    • At this time the needed “repairs’ are more cosmetic than structural.
    • Art recommends asking the GO-FERS to see if it can be remedied by church members.


Communications Report presented by Julia Bessler.

  • Continues sending out monthly updates of activities.
  • Has added need for candy donations or Eggstravaganza.
  • Seeking 3 youth readers for Palm Sunday


Financial Report was presented by Beverly Byers.


Trustee Reports


Property report was presented by Donald Scheeler.

  • Currently 1 bid to repair the custodial closet water heater (approx $3,000)
    • Per policy, since the repair is under $5,000, it does not require council approval
    • Donald and Mary may proceed with the water heater repair.


Board of Ministry Report was presented Lois Stephenson.

  • Snack Packs for Students
    • Currently raised $695, plus $75 gift card
    • Fewer students this year.
    • Lois will provide the snacks to the school April 17-18th (see complete details in the ministries reports)


Motion made by Lois Ballard-Stephenson, seconded by Donald Scheeler, to accept staff and trustee reports. The motion carried with 5 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.


OLD Business


Roof Repair/HVAC Ductwork –

  • Will be monitored closely as the rainy season progresses.
  • New representative for the roofing company is ready to help with any issues.
  • Bev recommends only necessary facility work be done at this time.

Wedding/Funeral Packet –

Comments added by both Art and Lois

Consider referring to this as the Events Packets vs Wedding Packet.

Lent/Easter Worship Services.

  • The Bishop is presiding on Palm Sunday (not preaching)
  • Alter guild needed for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Maintenance Contact List

  • Can be located on Julia’s desk for church members.
  • Karolyn and Mara also have the list available for staff.
  • Consider adding an updated contact list to the Facilities Book when it is made.
  • Please report any facilities issues and/or repair requests via e-mail to or

Gas Lease update – no updates

Marissa Sandoval Quinceanera – January 2024

  • Julia is working with the Sandoval family.
  • They are requesting Pastor Pedro Portilla preside over the service.
  • We will need a Church representative present, if there is no ASLC pastor.


Motion made by Ginya Anderson, seconded by Donald Scheeler, to allow and exception to allow an outside, Spanish speaking pastor to preside over Marissa Sandoval’s Quinceanera. The motion carried with 5 yeas in favor and 0 nays against.


NEW Business

Worship Format Change

  • Art Mory proposes that we move to a tradition worship every Sunday and cancel the Praise Band until further notice.
  • Jo Allen is prepared and willing to take over music every Sunday.
  • It has become increasingly difficult for John Barnes to find a supply pastor.
  • Eliminating the Praise Band responsibility would allow Art to preside over 2 Sunday services per month.
  • Art believes that the council needs to vote to change the worship format as an agreement was made with Pastor Baker to keep our services “as-is” until we found a new pastor.
  • DJ suggests that further discussion be made at the end of April 2023 after Pastor Abera Hellemo’s second visit.
  • Discussion tabled until next meeting.

Sound Board Tampering Issues

  • The sound tech reported that the sound equipment was in disarray after recent facility use.
    • Remember if there is an issue: Follow the procedures and speak with responsible party.
    • Discussion made that a facility use checklist should be made and added to the “Wedding” Packet
    • This checklist can be used by the church member event sponsor along with the responsible event person to ensure all items are returned to their proper location and that there are no missing items.
    • Julia and Art will discuss and move towards the Facility Use/Wedding packet completion.


A motion was made by DJ Schoneweis, seconded by Lois Ballard-Stephenson, to adjourn at 8:37pm.  The motion carried with 5 yeas in favor and 0 nay’s against. 

Art Mory closed in prayer.


Next Meeting 04/20/2023

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All Saints Lutheran Church Council

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