Council Minutes January 16, 2020

ASLC Council Meeting
January 16, 2020

Attendees: John Barnes, Robert Blankenship, Marc Funderburk, Elizabeth Lindstrom, Beverly Byers, Mary Rosas, Patty Scott, Pastor John Scheusner

Opening Prayer Pastor John Scheusner
Approval of Previous Minutes

Libby moved to accept the minutes of the November 21st meeting as presented. Beverly seconded. The motion carried.
Robert Blankenship
Devotion – Excerpts from “The Peacemaker”
Emphasis on the 4 G’s 1. Glorify God; 2. Get the Log Out of Your Eye; 3.Gently Restore; 4. Go and Be Reconciled. Read Chapters 2 and 3 for next month. Pastor John Scheusner

Pastor’s Report

Pastor provide his monthly via email. It will be included as an attachment to these minutes. Council reviewed highlights of this report.

General information – Pastor advised that a harassment complaint had been made. Pastor spoke with the complainant. The complainant went back to the victim who indicated that no harassment had occurred. No further action has been taken or is considered necessary at this time.

Libby moved to accept the Pastor’s Report. Beverly seconded. The motion carried.
Pastor John Scheusner
Treasurer’s Report/Financial Review

Final 2019 numbers are not available yet. Corrections need to be made to entries made in December. There are still some issues transitioning to the new software. It is hoped that final numbers will be available for the February meeting. Beverly reported deposits of $34,000 in December which is much larger than other months due a large year end offerings in December.

Beverly would like to move toward electronic payments for some of our bills and suggested that we annually approve automatic [recurring] payments. No action was taken on this request during this meeting. Possible agenda item for February meeting.

Checks are now being done on Wednesdays only [unless a clear emergency payment is needed between check runs]. Checks will be signed on Thursdays. All changes to check signing authorities have been completed.

Beverly is working with Bonnie Fleming to prepare the annual giving statements.

Beverly suggested that Bonnie would be willing to meet with Council during a Council meeting, perhaps in February. This would allow the existence of this third party bookkeeper to be documented and eliminate any questions that may arise by those who might doubt that such a person exists.

Libby moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Bob seconded. The motion carried unanimously.
Beverly Byers
Patricia Scott
Ministries Board:
Community Ministry and Membership Care Chair – Carol Foster
1. This group will clean out the freezer in the pantry and donate to Arlington Life Shelter
2. May have a lead for the Fellowship Board

Outreach/Evangelism – Vacant

Board of Music and Worship – Pastor John – Nothing to report
Board of Youth and Family Ministries – Mara McGee
1. February 23, 2020 is the date for the Spaghetti Dinner
2. Souper Bowl of Caring food collection will be done during the month of February
3. Eggstravanganza – 4/11/20
4. Mission Trip to Rockport to be finalized. Currently scheduled for 6/15 – 6/21/20. Due to Father’s Day, kids may return a day earlier.

Christian Education
1. Sunday Morning Bible Study lead by Ann and Jerry Terhune

1. Possible additional windows to be installed during Spring Break [3/9-3/13]. Funding to be approved by Council.
2. Current enrollment is 95. Looking to hire two more employees in the future.
Libby Lindstrom
Trustee Boards John Barnes
Property Board
1. John, Donald Scheeler and Mary Rosas walked the building and identified a few areas that need attention; shelf under the sink in the kitchen that has been water damaged and is probably moldy, toilet insides in the CLC, loose wiring issues in sanctuary outlets, repair of ceiling and wall cracks in the Prayer Room. [Note that John mentioned return of certain roof leaks subsequent to this reporting]
2. Ongoing list of completed/pending/new projects is being revised.
3. John shared information about an additional Church sign company, The Golden Rule.

Finance Board
1. No report. Team was absent at the board meeting. Beverly arrived just prior to closing and stated that there are three people who have volunteered for the audit team.
2. Beverly continues to work on year-end reports.
1. Doug is working with Julia on the Website. Julia has updated the Facebook page.
2. Checking on media releases for CLC picture posting of children.
3. ASLC Communication Program will be restructured to incorporate the addition of Julia Bessler to move this effort forward.

Beverly moved to accept the Ministry and Trustee Boards Reports as presented. John Barnes seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Property Board Updates
1. Ongoing list of completed/pending/new projects is being revised.
2. Follow up on $12,500 lost during CLC construction project:
i. Letters have been written; however, no response has been received.
ii. Patty Scott is aware of an organization that this incident can be reported to who will place this contractor on their “black list” and prevent him from being able to purchase supplies at local vendors. Patty will provide the name and contact information of that organization.
John Barnes
CLC Windows Council
This project is a holdover from the original project completed in the summer. The original approved budget was $80,000. Approximately $73,000 was spent [which includes the $12,500 stolen by the first contractor], leaving around $7,000 to complete the window project.

Motion was made by Beverly and seconded by Libby to use the remaining budget of $7,000 and supplement with an additional $9,000 from Council reserves to complete the window project. Motion passed unanimously. Beverly will email Karolyn who will arrange to meet with the contractor.

[subsequent note – An email was received from Karolyn on 1/20/20 to inform us that the meeting with the contractor was held on 1/18/20. Final bid is $15,062.
Work is scheduled to begin Saturday, March 7. No work will be performed during Sunday worship services.]

Harassment Course Reminder Libby Lindstrom
Beverly reported that not all individuals have completed the harassment course. Information had been sent out in a previous email. Beverly will resend the link to the course. Deadline to complete the course is January 30, 2020.

Financial Audit Discussion Council
It was noted that Maria Sandoval, Sherrie Livingston, Carol Foster and Celia Hirschenhofer have volunteered to perform the audit. [note that the Consti-tution provides for three people]. It was determined that the audit could probably take place in May based on time needed to close the books and gather the information that would be necessary. Volunteers will be contacted with the tentative date.

Constitution Review Team Council
Discussion followed regarding asking for volunteers who would be charged with reviewing the Constitution and providing options on how to amend. It was determined to advertise in the Connection for such volunteers.

Fellowship Board Chairperson
Refer to email sent out by Pastor John regarding Celia and Don Hirschenhofer’s proposal to take on the position of Chairpersons on the Fellowship Board. Copy included with these minutes.

Motion was made by Beverly and seconded by Libby to accept this proposal. Motion passed unanimously. Pastor John

Need to Convene Nominating Committee Mary Rosas
Mary Rosas noted that according to Chapter C12.04 of the Constitution, when a position on the Council becomes vacant, “the Nominating Committee shall present the name of at least one candidate for the office.” It was determined that the 2020 Nominating Committee elected at the November 2019 congregational meeting should be convened for this action. Pastor John will make the necessary contacts.

Contract with Paden Viard for Webpage Updates Council
Based on research by the Communications Team, ASLC owns our internet page and content. Based on that information, we can cancel our contract with Paden with 60-days’ notice. Refer to email communication included as a part of these minutes.

Motion was made by Beverly and seconded by John Barnes to provide notice to Paden Viard of cancellation of his contract with ASLC. Motion passed unanimously.

Mary Rosas suggested that Julia and Doug immediately take over the Website and that Paden’s access be cancelled immediately. No action was taken on that suggestion.

Altar Guild Coordination Beverly Byers
Beverly inquired if it was OK to ask Julia Bessler to make sure there is someone to fill the altar guild spots every week. Pastor John had no objection to this handling. Beverly will make the necessary contacts.

Bishop Meeting Discussion Council
Motion was made by Patty and seconded by Libby to go into Executive Session. Motion passed unanimously.

Godly Handling of Disputes Council
Motion was made by Libby and seconded by Beverly to come out of Executive Session. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion was made by John Barnes and seconded by Beverly to accept the recommendation for leadership action in the Godly Handling of Grievances regarding our upcoming meeting with the bishop’s representative and the aggrieved. Motion passed unanimously.

Closing Prayer
Libby motioned to adjourn. Beverly seconded. The motion carried. John Barnes

Additional Information:

Next Council Meeting: February 20, 2020
Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser – February 23rd, 6:00 p.m.
Ash Wednesday, February 26, 2020 – Service at 7:00 p.m.

Respectively Submitted,

Mary Rosas
Council Secretary

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