Council Minutes February 20, 2020

ASLC Council Meeting
February 20, 2020

Attendees: John Barnes, Robert Blankenship, Elizabeth Lindstrom, Beverly Byers, Mary Rosas, Patty Scott, Pastor John Scheusner

Guests: Carol Foster, Susan Parker, Lavon Wirkler, Ann Terhune, Evelyn & David Gorman, Bonnie Fleming

Opening Prayer Pastor John Scheusner
Approval of Previous Minutes

Libby moved to accept the minutes of the January 16th meeting as presented. Beverly seconded. The motion carried.
Mary Rosas
Pastor’s Report

Pastor provided his monthly report via email. It will be included as an attachment to these minutes. Pastor John reviewed highlights of this report.

Libby moved to accept the Pastor’s Report. Patty seconded. The motion carried.
Pastor John Scheusner
Treasurer’s Report/Financial Review

Beverly introduced Bonnie Fleming who is providing bookkeeping services for ASLC since the beginning of the year.

Beverly reported that we have approximately $1.1M in various accounts, with about $100K in the checking account. She is still in the process of closing the CLC account. The dedicated accounts total approximately $100K. Year-end benevolence has not been sent out yet, but is in the process. Beverly indicated she would send out a cash balances sheet. Revenues for the first 6 weeks of 2020 were around $20,000, which is under budget by around $5,000.

Libby moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report. John Barnes seconded. The motion carried unanimously.
Beverly Byers
Patricia Scott
Ministries Boards:
Community Ministry and Membership Care – Carol Foster presented since she was at the meeting
1. Membership is doing well; the Knopps have relocated to Mansfield.
2. Will be collecting soup in February.
3. Will be collecting eggs for Eggstravaganza

Outreach/Evangelism – Vacant

Board of Music and Worship – Pastor John – Nothing to report

Board of Youth and Family Ministries – Mara McGee
1. February 23, 2020 – Spaghetti Dinner, Mardi Gras theme
2. Souper Bowl of Caring food collection will be done during the month of February
3. Eggstravanganza – 4/11/20
4. Garage Sale – June 6

Fellowship – Don & Celia Hirschenhofer
1. 5th Sunday Pancake breakfasts to continue with Rod Parks facilitating Libby Lindstrom
Trustee Boards John Barnes
Property Board
1. Storage shed still on hold. Grant $$ is available. Need to follow up with NALC to determine if they still have a need for disaster relief storage space.
2. Site windows at CLC schedule to be completed during spring break.
3. Small roof leak still noted outside of Classroom 23. Contractor will come out to determine what additional fix is needed.
4. Drainage issue on east side of the building needs a long-term plan. Karolyn would like to move the playground. Need input from Marc Funderburk to determine feasibility. Mr. Handyman will be out to complete the dig-out. Will be asked to not remove baseboards at this time.
5. Ongoing project list is being updated.

1. Julia has updated our Facebook page and created an Instagram account. She is now able to update the website. Paden Viard’s access has been removed.
2. Julia is working with Kristen Barnett to tweak the logo.
3. Working toward uniformity on all platforms.

Libby moved to accept the Ministry and Trustee Boards Reports as presented. Beverly seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Property Board Updates
Covered in previous Trustee report
John Barnes
Harassment Course Reminder Elizabeth
Still needs to be completed by Libby and Joe Alan. Beverly will check status through the provider.

Financial Audit
Letter will go out to the volunteers (Carol Foster, Celia Hirschenhofer, Maria Sandoval, Sherrie Livingston). We can only have 3 individuals. Libby will let Mary know who the letter was sent to.
Constitution Review Team Council
Dennis Thomas has volunteered. Mark Chavez has offered to help as well as Marty Schardt. There could be a fee involved if we use Marty Schardt.

Repairs to ASLC and CLC
Motion was made by John Barnes to approve repairs due to sewer backup and flooding. Second by Beverly. Motion passed unanimously.
Emails for Council Members Council
Beverly discussed the need to set up unique user names. The following were agreed upon.
President – Pres
President Elect – Preselect
Secretary – Scty
Secretary Elect – Sctyelect

We will have the ability to forward to our personal email addresses. They will be rolled forward in December to the new officers.

Strategic Plan Corrections Council
Council members should send any additional corrections to Libby.
To implement the Plan we will need the following teams:
Spiritual – Rod Parks and Dave & Lynn Gustafson have been asked.
Prayer – Sandi Vatthauer would be a good fit for this team
Property/Infrastructure – no individuals have been identified
Communications – Julia Bessler and Kristen Barnett would be the obvious choices

Nominating Committee
Boards of Ministry Trustee – Evelyn Gorman was presented by the Nominating Committee. Evelyn was present at the meeting. The position was offered to her for consideration.

Secretary Elect – Chris Talley’s name was submitted. Beverly will speak with Chris. Council

Policies and Procedures of the Boards
It was determined that a better time to review board job descriptions and the policies and procedures would be in the summer, just prior to annual reorganization in August. Table until June or July Council

Membership Review/Removal Council
It was determined that a letter will be sent to those people on the roster who have been identified as not having attended for the past 6 months. We will indicate that we are cleaning up our membership rolls and would like for them to indicate if they wish to remain on our rolls or would like their membership transferred to another church. Mary will review the current roster to assist with identifying who should receive the letter.

Property Insurance Council
Information was sent to our property insurance company for all damages, lost wages, cleanup on the weekend and reimbursement to parents for lost days related to the sewer backup. They took 6 days to come out, which is not acceptable. Libby has information on a company that would like to give us a quote. The office also received a cold call quote.

Worker’s Comp – ADP’s quote was about $300 less than our current provider. Beverly will send out via email.

Executive Session Council
Motion was made by Bob and seconded by Beverly to go into Executive Session. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Libby and seconded by Beverly to come out of Executive Session. Motion passed unanimously.

Letter to Signatories of the December 2019 Letter
Motion was made by Libby and seconded by Bob to send a letter to the 18 signatories of the December 2019 letter to discuss the issues of not following Matthew 18, to ask them to repent, expect them to cease their behavior and communicate that disciplinary action may be taken that could include removal from membership. Motion passed unanimously. Mary will compose the letter and email to council for review.

Closing Prayer
Mary motioned to adjourn. Beverly seconded. The motion carried. Robert Blankenship

Additional Information:

Next Council Meeting: March 19, 2020
Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser – February 23rd, 6:00 p.m.
Ash Wednesday Service, Wednesday, February 26th, 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Rosas
Council Secretary

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