Council Minutes March 19, 2020

ASLC Council Meeting
March 19, 2020

Attendees: John Barnes, Robert Blankenship, Elizabeth Lindstrom, Beverly Byers, Mary Rosas, Evelyn Gorman,
Pastor John Scheusner

Guest: Karolyn Havener, CLC Director

Opening Prayer Pastor John Scheusner
Devotion – The Peacemakers, Chapter 2 Libby

7:15 PM CLC Proposal to Pay Teachers Karolyn Havener
Due to the CLC closure through April 3rd, the CLC has 25 staff members who have no income. Karolyn asked for direction regarding the action she could/should take for her staff. Paying her staff for one week (does not include Karolyn’s salary) would cost $7,982. To pay through April 3rd would be $23,947. In addition, there is one staff member who has child support withheld and one who has an additional health benefit paid every month.

Beverly motioned that we pay the teachers their regular pay through April 3rd. Motion was seconded by Bob. Motion carried.

Beverly motioned that we pay the child support and health benefit for the two teachers affected going forward regardless of how long the closure lasts. Bob seconded. Motion passed.

Karolyn indicated that she plans to credit the parents who have paid through the month of March for approximately 3 weeks of tuition. The amount will be approximately $26 thousand.

Beverly motioned to credit the parents who paid for the month of March for approximately 3 weeks of tuition for the closure period. Bob seconded. Motion passed.

Karolyn indicated that the facility could stay open just as a child care facility. Parents would not be allowed to be in the building. No other church activities could occur during that time. A decision regarding the feasibility of that option can be made after April 3rd.

7:30 PM Approval of Previous Minutes

Libby moved to accept the minutes of the February 20th Regular Council meeting and the Special Council Meeting on March 15th as presented. Evelyn seconded. The motion carried.
Mary Rosas

Pastor’s Report

Pastor provided his monthly report in hard copy and via email. It will be included as an attachment to these minutes. Pastor John reviewed highlights of this report.

As an additional comment, he indicated that has resources that can be used at home during the COVID-19 response.
Pastor John Scheusner
Treasurer’s Report/Financial Review

Beverly reported that we had $16,000 in contributions for February, a little over $11,000 for March. She indicated she would contact Carson at RBC to discuss our liquidity and increase as needed. She reported that we have a $75,000 line of credit with them that we can use instead of liquidating assets. She indicated that Affiliated would also extend a line of credit to us if needed.

Karolyn has been given the ability to view bank information as she had requested. Beverly will continue to pursue online giving options.
Beverly Byers

Ministries Boards:
Community Ministry and Membership Care
Pastor John briefly reported on our membership. As far as we are aware, none of our membership has Covid 19

Outreach/Evangelism – Vacant

Board of Music and Worship – Pastor John – Nothing to report

Board of Youth and Family Ministries
1. Evelyn will update with Mara as restrictions related to Covid 19 affect our planned activities. The Corey Fun Run has been cancelled.
2. Eggstravanganza – 4/11/20
3. Garage Sale – June 6

Fellowship – Don & Celia Hirschenhofer
1. Celia and Don are working on a fellowship event for May 3rd currently planned to follow the second service providing we are back open by then.
Libby Lindstrom
Trustee Boards John Barnes
Property Board
1. Storage shed still on hold. Pastor John reported he had contacted Mary Bates at The NALC via email but had not received a response. He will follow up via phone.
2. Site windows at CLC have not been completed yet. Windows did not arrive in time to be installed during Spring break.
3. Lee Engineering will cap sprinkler heads that were buried behind the toddler playground.
4. Mr. Handyman was out to complete the dig-out on the east side of the building.
5. Bids will be obtained for the steeple roof area where there are missing shingles and other needs. There will be no insurance funds available for this work; therefore, a congregational meeting will be required to approve a budget for these repairs.
6. John has an email from a concrete company on the parking lot areas needing repairs.
7. Mary has offered to paint Pastor John’s office. Because the wallpaper was applied directly on the sheetrock, it will not be removed but rather painted over.
8. Ongoing light bulb replacement continues throughout the facility. Donald Scheeler and John have worked through the re-wiring required to bypass the ballasts in order to use the new LED lights.

1. Julia will be working on putting together online worship services to be accessed by our members during this period of church closure. We are excited to be able to provide this option to our members.
2. Mary will discuss with Julia if there is a way to get our April devotional books out to membership.

Libby moved to accept all Reports as presented. Bob seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Handyman/CLC Repairs
Recently Karolyn has expressed frustration over certain responsibilities related to property maintenance being “dumped” on her. She is very capable of handling certain property maintenance issues, but should not be expected to run property maintenance. Evelyn suggested that we pay her an additional amount for the time she spends coordinating property projects. Pastor John suggested that Karolyn, Julia, John Barnes, Mary Rosas and perhaps other volunteer(s) from the congregation collaborate to address property maintenance issues. The goal would be to take pressure off of Karolyn. Evelyn volunteered to put together some policies/procedures to provide guidelines for this group.
John Barnes
Babysitting for Praise Team All
This has already been implemented and has been a blessing to the Praise Team.
The cost for the remainder of the year will be approximately $800.

Beverly moved that we provide child care for Praise Team rehearsals through the end of the year. Evelyn seconded. Motion passed.

Record Online Votes
Since the last council meeting, the Council approved by email voting a short term loan to Jay & Vicki Almos for $3,500 and the election of Evelyn Gorman to the position of Chair-Ministry Boards. Copies of the email voting are included as attachments to these minutes.
Train and Mowers All
We are not certain regarding the location of the train cars that belong to the church. It is thought that they are residing either with the Fosters or the Livingstons. John will have Julia make calls to check on that. Currently we have no mower. In the past we have used one provided by either Glen or Len. We need to source an inexpensive mower in order to be able to utilize the train in our future outreach events.

Covid 19
Beverly motioned that we keep the church closed through April 3rd as recommended by governmental officials. Evelyn seconded. Motion carried.

We will continue to develop online options for our worship services. Bill Stephenson has been looking for a new camera that would be able to be used for streaming. Mara may have purchased a camera that might be used for our purposes. Pastor John will speak with Steve and Bill to get some additional information as to what direction we need to go.

Sticking point in remote worship is that we are sacramental and we cannot do communion. We will work toward a “drive thru” communion where Pastor John will come out to the porte cochere and pray with and administer communion to those who would like to receive communion. More discussion can happen down the line if the shutdown continues for an extended period.
Executive Session All
Motion was made by Libby and seconded by Evelyn to go into Executive Session. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Beverly and seconded by Evelyn to come out of Executive Session. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Beverly and seconded by Bob to accept the request of Doug and Susan Parker for removal from membership. Motion passed unanimously. Julie will send them an open transfer.

Beverly motioned that we remove from active membership Jerry and Ann Terhune due to failure to follow Matthew 18, resulting in persistent troublemaking in the congregation under C15.01 of the ASLC constitution. John Barnes seconded. Motion carried. This letter will be sent after Beverly has made contact with David & Lynn Gustafson regarding the Bible study lead by them. See next paragraph.

Pastor John asked the Council to consider how to handle the Bible study that Jerry and Ann lead. Beverly volunteered to contact Dave and Lynn Gustafson to see if they would be willing to take over leadership. Ann also leads the night shelter sandwich making every month. We agreed to address this issue at the appropriate time.

Pastor John and Mary will work on the list of people that need to be removed.

Closing Prayer
Bob motioned to adjourn. Beverly seconded. The motion carried. Robert Blankenship

Additional Information:
Strategic Plan Special Meeting – March 24, 2020, 5:30 PM
Next Council Meeting: April 16th – pending status of shelter in place.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Rosas
Council Secretary

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