Council Minutes April 16, 2020

ASLC Council Meeting
April 16, 2020
7:00 PM

Attendees: John Barnes, Robert Blankenship, Beverly Byers, Elizabeth Lindstrom, Mary Rosas,
Evelyn Gorman, Particia Scott, Pastor John Scheusner (Note: meeting was held via

Opening Prayer – Pastor John

Approval of Minutes – March 24, 2020
Motion was made by Beverly, seconded by Bob to approve the minutes as written. Motion carried.

Pastor’s Report – Highlight was a shout out to Julia; praise for what she has accomplished, affirmation that the decision to hire her was a good one.

Beverly – Email thank you notes for volunteer services was a great effort.

Drive thru communion – Approximately 40 people were served communion on Easter Sunday.
We will offer again in May if shelter in place is still in effect.

Treasurer’s Report – Approximately $30K was moved from RBC in early April. More investments were moved into cash at RBC. We will be moving another $50K to Affiliated in advance of the SBA assistance. We currently have approximately 40K at Affiliated, with a little under $1M right now at RBC. We are still exploring other offering collection options. Pastor John noted that Karolyn would like to know how we ended year. Julia would like an update regarding online giving options.

Property Board Report
Lawn Service – Mary Rosas and John Barnes mowed the property prior to Easter Sunday. Mary has identified a lawn service, The Weekenders, who is interested in providing that service for the 2020 season. A new contract was developed based on prior year amounts paid ($500/month) and will be circulated for signature by ASLC and The Weekenders.

Motion was made by Libby and seconded by Patty to approve the 2020 lawn service contract. Motion carried.

Observation Windows – CLC
Observation windows have been installed. This completes the remodel project for CLC.

Digital Sign Quote – An initial digital sign quote has been received from Core Displays for $47K for two
3 X 8 signs plus $9,950 for install. We need to know how long these quotes are good.

Ministry Boards Reports
Membership Care:
Pastor John will discuss with Evelyn how to reshape the membership care board
Patty has sent a card to Vicki Almos and Carol Foster, thank you cards to Terhune’s & Lavon
Wirkler; Patty will send a card to Christine Scheeler and Aleen Stephenson.

Don & Celia Hirschenhoefer are planning a “reunion” event for June or July.

Motion was made by Libby and seconded by Evelyn to accept board reports. Motion carried.

Online Motions
There were two online motions, one to approve application for the PPP Small Business Loan, one
to pay the teachers through May 3rd. These will be printed and included as a part of April business.

CLC Teacher Pay
Motion was made by Beverly and seconded by Patty that we pay the CLC teachers through the last day of the Spring session as designated by Karolyn. Medical benefits and child support will continue to be paid through the end of the year (previous motion). Motion carried.

Membership Action List
Motion was made by Evelyn and seconded by John Barnes to send letters according to the list presented. Motion carried.

Council letters to Membership
Feedback on letters has been positive for the most part. Curt Lewis has voiced an objection to the disbanding of the Task Force and has requested a meeting. Bob will connect with Curt to set up a meeting time. (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday)

The following people were suggested to be part of the meeting – Beverly, John Barnes, Bob, Evelyn, and Libby. Marc Funderburk will also be asked if he can participate. If Marc agrees, then Beverly will drop out.

We will need someone to take over the Sunday morning Bible study; Gustafsons have commitments through late June/July. Marc Funderburk will be asked.

Closing Prayer – John Barnes

Adjournment – 9:05 PM
Motion to adjourn was made by Patty and seconded by John Barnes. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Rosas
Council Secretary

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