Council Minutes March 24, 2020

Special Council Meeting
& Strategic Plan Workshop
March 24, 2020

Attendees – Pastor John Scheusner, Beverly Byers, Bob Blankenship, Evelyn Gorman, Libby Lindstrom, Mary Rosas, John Barnes.

Absent – Patty Scott

5:45 – Opening Prayer – Pastor John

Minutes Approval – Minutes of the March 19, 2020 Council meeting were presented for approval. Bev motioned to approve as amended, Bob seconded, motion carried unanimously.

Travel Authorization Letter – A sample travel authorization letter was provided by Mary Rosas. The purpose of the letter is to provide proof that the individual carrying the letter is authorized to travel for “allowed” activities. Beverly emailed a draft to Julia Bessler for adaptation for use by church personnel.

Discipline Letters – Letters to Wayne Reber and Carol Foster will go out tomorrow.

Additional Hours for Office Personal. Beverly motioned to authorized Julia Bessler to work up to 40 hours per week without further approval and for Kaity Bessler to be paid for up to 10 hours a week for assistance in the office through May 15. Bob seconded. Motion carried.

Bible Study Group Contact – The need for someone to speak to the Terhune’s Bible Study was discussed. Libby and Evelyn will attend the first meeting of the group after we return to normal scheduling pending result of the letter being sent to Jerry and Ann.

Adjourn Meeting – Beverly motioned to adjourn the meeting, John Barnes seconded. Motion carried.

Strategic Plan Workshop

3. Rededication to Spiritual Growth

Potential Ad Hoc Committee members – Pastor John, Rod Parks, Dave & Lynn Gustafson, Sandi Vatthauer for prayer. Marc Funderburk has expressed interest in stewardship.

Discussed reviewing prior Navigator Survey from 2014. Beverly has an electronic copy. A survey was also done in 2017 (Sandi Vatthauer). This information will be given to the committee for review. Other surveys can be taken if needed.

Pastor handed out “Ideal Discipleship Emphasis”. He explained the 3 models for church leadership – Chaplaincy, Consumer, Discipleship.

1. Improve Communications

Julia Bessler and Kristen Barnett are our key people in communications
Possible additions:
Pete Cuellar – John Barnes will ask
David Gorman – Evelyn will ask
One additional person is desirable

All references to March implementations should be changed to April.

2. Upgrade Infrastructure

An Ad Hoc Committee of the following individuals will be formed to address infrastructure:
Julia Bessler, Karolyn Havener, Mary Rosas, John Barnes, Donald Scheeler. The goal will be to propose projects to improve infrastructure, some of which can be voted on by the congregation as promised in previous communications.

Timeline April 2020 – Summer 2020

Closing Prayer – John Barnes

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Rosas
Council Secretary

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