Mission Monday Minutes 8/9/21

ASLC Mission Monday   August 9, 2021


In Attendance:  Mary, John, Donald, Mara, DJ,  and Marc


Old Business:

  1. Water to Thrive – Rod and Lynn – no updates
    1. Open Item: Disposition of excess funds from donations to be determined when Pastor returns from Convocation
  2. NALC Gift Cards for Disaster Relief
    1. Pastor not required to visit with NALC representative during Convocation
    2. Bev will contact Mike and congregation will continue to purchase, collect, and forward as directed by NALC representative.
    3. Mara to coordinate messaging in Connection Update with Julia as announcement was not in last week’s bulletin.
  3. Mission Trip – Mara
    1. Mara to coordinate with flooring representative on next steps
    2. Mara to schedule day to complete work later in August/early September.
  4. Garden of Hope – Marc
    1. Bermuda grass sprayed and dying.
    2. Lee Engineering installed irrigation line/spigot to garden
    3. Garden will lie fallow until next spring. No fall planting scheduled.
  5. Elderly and Home Bound – John B.
    1. No updates as this time.
  6. Storage Building NALC
    1. On site meeting conducted last week with Bev, Art, John, Mary, Donald and Marc to discuss meter location. Art to coordinate location and installation by ONCOR.
    2. Art is working with electrical contractor for power requirements and execution (not electrocution).
  7. Backpack Blessing – Mara
    1. On schedule for August 15th.
  8. Fall Cowtown Brush Up – October 2nd
    1. Trinity Habitat for Humanity has not released details on the project.
    2. Details and scheduling for late September.
    3. Marc will be out of town and will need another volunteer to attend “captain’s meeting” prior to the event, which is usually held either the Wednesday or Thursday before the event. John has tentatively volunteered to do so.
  9. Blessing of the Animals – Pastor Baker
    1. Delayed until spring of 2022.
  10. Pumpkin Patch/Trunk or Treat – Mara
    1. Delivery of pumpkins set for October 16th at 8 a.m. Volunteers encouraged to arrive by 7:30 a.m.  Workday will be scheduled for that day as well.
  11. Christmas Shoebox – Mary
    1. Distribution, filling and collecting of shoe boxes to occur in November.
    2. Dates TBD by Mary

New Business / Future Projects:

Possible projects/events to be considered:

  1. Thanksgiving Pie Social – no action taken and with school out for one week over Thanksgiving the event may be shelved. TBD at next meeting.
  2. Oaks Indian Mission Fall Trip
  3. San Miguel Lutheran Financial Support – Marc/Bev – To be removed from next meeting agenda as no action has been nor will be taken in 2021.
  4. ASLC Music Venue – Mary
  5. Veterans Program

New Business:

  1. National Faith and Blue Weekend (NFBW-English Flyer)
    1. Pastor to contact local representative for more details.
    2. ASLC not in a position to sponsor/participate this year due to construction.
  2. Homeless Backpacks – Bill and Lois
    1. Outreach program designed to address the needs of the homeless.
    2. Bill and Lois to provide more information regarding collection and distribution at next Mission Monday Meeting.
    3. Pastor voiced concerns of providing for those who may not truly be in need.
  3. Pastor on Vacation for meeting on the 9th and will provide report on above (1) and other items on his return to the meeting on the 16th.
  4. Next Meeting – August 23rd.


Meeting closed with prayer by John B.



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