Special Council Meeting Minutes 6/23/20

ASLC Special Council Meeting
June 23, 2020
6:45 pm

Attendees: John Barnes, Beverly Byers, Richard Giltner, Evelyn Gorman, Elizabeth
Lindstrom, Mary Rosas, Pastor John Scheusner

Absent: Patti Scott, Robert Blankenship

Opening Prayer: John Barnes

Roof Repair Invoice: The roof repair in the area near Classroom 23 has been completed by VIP Roofing. They have presented the final invoice in the amount of $5,175. This is above the original bid of $4,000 due to additional work needed. Bev motioned to approve the invoice; Mary seconded. Motion carried.

Budget Revisions: Beverly presented proposed budget changes for both the operations and capital improvements budgets. The roof repair budget was set at $75,000. Marc Funderburk will be providing us with a cost estimate on the playground remodel. Bids will be requested from Rocky Baires, VIP Roofing and PAQ Services. Beverly will send final budget changes with narrative out to everyone.

Other Business: Evelyn Gorman suggested that Art Mory be recognized for his leadership of the Praise Team. She later followed up with a gift basket which was delivered to Art by Mary Rosas. Art requested that Mary communicate his appreciation of the gift to Council.

Congregational Meeting Agenda will be budget approval and Strategic Plan rollout only. Discussion of any other topics will not be entertained. Mary will working on determining quorum.

Brochure – we should all review and send any changes to Julia.

Adjournment of Business Meeting: – 7:30 p.m.

Organizational Chart: Pastor John reviewed our current organizational structure via the Up/Down/In/Out model. The organizational chart should to be reworked to be more understandable/relevant and provided as a handout. Board structure can be reorganized to line up with the organizational structure. The Board structure is not defined in the Constitution; therefore, council can make changes to structure without congregational vote. Worship & Music is currently ad hoc as needed. The Personnel Board/Team can be left in the structure for now but eventually migrated out. Marc Funderburk has agreed to address stewardship.

Branding: Tabled

Closing Prayer/
Adjournment: The meeting was closed with prayer at 8:30 p.m.

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