Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

At a point in our past, a group of believers gathered and after prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit, decided that they needed to form a congregation. There was need for mutual support and mission in the Name of Jesus Christ. Over the years, there have been good times and not so good times, but the mission of Jesus Christ has continued. Pastors have come and gone, but one thing has remained the same, the gathering of faithful people to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord so that salvation may be shared with those who do not know Him.

Our present day may not seem like the best of times. Even before Covid and our recent restoration needs, the world we live in had begun to change. People forgot their need for the Lord and put their trust in the things of this world. The distractions of life, the challenges of political and social changes, and the call of all that separates us from God has continued to grow most recently. It is no longer popular to be named among the faithful and organized religion has also stumbled into the empty concerns of the world. The frustrations of being faithful in such a world seem to bring little hope.

Since what used to work no longer does and many faithful have chosen to drift with the muddy waters of our present age, why even bother? There doesn’t seem to be much of a future!!! Yet, that which gave motivation for the formation of our faith community, that which helped us endure both good and bad times and that which will continue to provide our purpose remains: Jesus Christ. There is an emptiness in our world and culture that will not be filled with material things or promises of this world. There is an emptiness of our lives that will not be met by human promises and dreams. There is a need for a solid foundation so that we do not sink into the shifting sands of the world around us. That need can only be filled with the one who has always been the one and only way. When all comes crashing down, those who place their faith in Jesus will not be lost.

I invite you to once more re-commit to the call of our Savior. The process that we will start this Sunday is more than just hiring another pastor. It is a time for us, the faithful, to re-dedicate ourselves to the One who is the only salvation of us all. When the rest of the empty promises of the world fail, our mission to share Christ is the one thing that will save. Will you sit and watch all fall, or will you be part of the solution of the problems of our modern age? Will you prepare a world for our children that has hope or give into the despair around us? Will we continue the mission started by those who formed this congregation or watch by the sidelines as all who need us are lost?

Jesus and His call to us has not changed. What about you?


Pastor Baker

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